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"Miss Hanafi" and "Ibn Hamido" and "Rumor of Love". road signs Fatin Abdel Wahab director


I wrote – Manal al-Jawushi:

22 & # 39; November 1913, the great director Fatin Abdel Wahab born in government & # 39; Damietta.

He worked as an officer & # 39; reserve at the Egyptian army, but his passion for art made scripts in & # 39; number & # 39; works.

After that he worked with & # 39; number & # 39; Key directors in & # 39; at that time, and at the end of the 40 years he worked as a director, and left behind some outstanding signs in Egyptian cinema history, the majority of them were kummidiċi.

The director of the large works were characterized by the existence of & # 39; number & # 39; "Eternal" and preserved by the Egyptian public "from the heart".

Among the main works of the great director:

Son & # 39; Hamido

One of the most important Egyptian comedies in the history of cinema, the film is one from most works & # 39; success & # 39; the great artistic Ismail Yassin, and the number of film & # 39; memorable songs, the most "prayer of the Prophet better '," Lil Normandy "," Long Canine Jungle "and other words.

The film starring Ismail Yassin, Zinat Sedqi, Hind Rostam, Ramzi Ahmed Abdel Fattah Al-Qasr, Tawfiq Al-dank, Nelly Mazloum.

Rumor of & # 39; love

Ismail Yassin was nominated for the film "Rumor of Love", but its preoccupation with & # 39; number & # 39; works, great star forgiven. The script has been modified to replace Omar Sharif as an alternative to Ismail Yassin.

The film "Rumor of Love" is one of the most famous comedies, and the film included a number of & # 39; songs, b & # 39; in particular: "Mama .. O soul of Your Mother", " So Ibn Fekha Lucy "," De Crepe georgette, the times & # 39; uncle and his feet "and others.

The film starring Omar Sharif, Hind Rustam, Youssef Wehbe, Hosni SOAD, Abdel Moneim Ibrahim, Rajaa al-Jeddawi.

Matti General Manager

The film "Maratiku Manager" entered the list of top 100 films in Egyptian cinema history, starring Shadia, Salah Zulfikar, Tawfiq Al Dokn, Adel Imam, Youssef Shaaban, Kariman.

Art & # 39; hypocrisy

The film is considered one of the most important works & # 39; the great artist Fuad El Mohandes on a novel by Youssef writer Sbai, and Shweikar starring film, Samyha Ayoub, Hassan Mustafa, Abdel Rahim El Zarqany.

magic Lantern

The film was a huge success at the time of its introduction, and tells the story & # 39; simple employee, who appeared to him "impression" of & # 39; magic lamp to achieve his dreams, and the film starring Ismail Yassin, Abdul Salam Nabulsi, Cariman, Mohammad Reza.

Ismail Yassin in the fleet

Fatin Abdel Wahab is the director of the "Ismail Yassin in the Navy", "Ismail Yassin in the Army", "Ismail Yassin in Flight", "Ismail Yassin in the police", and others.

Nile Bride

The famous comedy "Bride of-the-Nile", 1963, and co-starring Rushdie Abaza, Lubna Abdul Aziz, Shweikar, Abdel Moneim Ibrahim.

Miss Hanafi

The film is a point & # 39; real change in trip & # 39; Ismail Yassin. The idea of ​​the film hinge Hanafi, passing through process & # 39; sexual transformation after suffering the pain of the night & # 39; his wedding, later becoming "Fifi" or as his friends, Miss Hanafi.

The film starring Ismail Yassin, Magda, Zinat Sidqi, Abdel Fattah Al-Qasr, Omar Hariri, Riyad Al-Qasabji, Sulaiman Bek Najib.

Professor Fatima

The film contains one from the most famous scenes in Egyptian cinema history, left where the father of the process scene & # 39; Fatima ask the judge to condemn his neighbor to death after wanted to overthrow & # 39; wall between them.

"Fatima" starring Faten Hamama, Kamal El Shennawi, Abdel Fattah El Kasr, Abdourthorat ESR, Riad El Kassabji, Saeed Abou Bakr, Lola Sedki.

City lights

His last works, famous lyrical film great artist Shadia, and the exhibition of 1972, and participated in the star of the film Mazhar Ahmed, Adel Imam, Abdel Moneim Ibrahim, Hassan Mustafa, Ibrahim Saffan

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