Saturday , June 3 2023

Tariq Shawki f & # 39; and the Dignitas Takaful Conference: 11.5 million students receiving school feeding


The Education Minister, Tariq Shawqi, said the issue of streamlining support and the achievement of its beneficiaries is a national goal.

The Minister of Education, during his participation in the meeting & # 39; "health compliance and education investment in human capital" confirmed Takaful and dignity, to the rationalization of support allows expansion services provided, especially in the areas of health and education.

He added that within the framework of & # 39; so, launched a series of & # 39; a & # 39; support programs, solidarity and dignity as fruits & # 39; fruitful cooperation among various state institutions in order to invest in & # 39; future generations and allow them to emerge from the cycle of poverty.

He stressed that from here came the idea of ​​conditionality of education, explaining the state in the new education system offers better product within the framework of free education.

He noted that three quarters & # 39; million students in secondary school benefit from the new system of education.

He added that there is a good level & # 39; file management of school feeding, showing that 11.5 million students receiving food dropped at school, and billion billion state budget allocated for this -kwistjoni.

On Thursday, the Ministry of Solidarity organized the third annual conference indicating the three anniversary of the launch of Takaful Program and Dignity under the slogan "From Protection to Production".

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