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Urgent emergency and relief plans. 17 measures by the Governor of Cairo in preparation


01:16 PM

Tuesday 12 October 2021

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

On Monday, separate areas of the Cairo governorate saw rain of varying intensity accompanied by lightning and thunder.

The rains that fell yesterday did not affect the traffic or movement of citizens inside the capital.

The Cairo Government had drawn up an advance plan to deal immediately with any violent rain waves or torrential rains, in preparation for weather variations in the autumn and winter seasons.

The plan included the following:

1- Raise the state of readiness to face the rainy season.

2- Immediate treatment of climate change that the country can see during the coming period.

3- The connection of the central operations room in the governorate with telephone lines open with the Meteorological Authority to know the weather during the day.

4- Notify all neighborhoods around the clock to move quickly when needed to prevent crises, while linking all neighborhood operations rooms to the central operating room to deal immediately with any emergency.

5- Coordination between the Hygiene and Sanitation Authority and the heads of the neighborhood to ensure the complete disinfection of the 20,452 rainwater drainage systems spread across the roads and regions of -capital.

6- 2,146 new sewers were built this year.

7- Take all necessary measures to conduct on-site experiments to ensure the preparations of these sewers to receive rainfall when it occurs and to increase the efficiency of the suction of the neighborhood.

8- Warn the cleaners to ensure the cleanliness of rainwater drainage and not to throw garbage and dust in them.

9- Follow the will of sewage stations in terms of their operation, and increase their efficiency and periodic maintenance.

10- Coordination with the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation to take measures to purify the flood ditches and periodic follow-up to remove any waste in it in coordination with the neighborhoods in which there is spillage ( Helwan, Al-Masara, Al-Tebeen, Tora, Maadi and May 15) and to ensure the preparations of these evacuees to receive the expected floods if they occur.

11- Coordination with central lighting officers and neighborhood lighting officers to review exposed wires and cables and the speed covering them in order to ensure the life and safety of citizens, and coordinate with security companies. -electric to insulate electrical kiosks and ensure they are tightly closed. .

12- A strict plan for the rapid deployment of emergency equipment and teams to be present on the streets of the capital to face any emergency or water collection in any place through coordination between neighborhoods and branches of the sewer company, the Cairo Water Company, and the Authority for Hygiene, Civil Protection and Utilities.

13- Implementation of the governance plan developed to distribute modern straw, fountains, and modern motorcycles in the main axes, houses, bridges, tunnels, and rainwater harvesting areas, according to the Authority’s forecast Meteorological, and ensure the maintenance of the hoods available in the vicinity to facilitate the removal of any water reservoirs in a way that does not affect the regularity of traffic or road closures.

14- Communicate with the Central Operations Room in Diwan to respond promptly to any reports or complaints related to water collection locations.

15- Preparation of aid, shelter and subsistence plans in preparation for any potential crisis in coordination with the directorates of youth, sport, social solidarity, catering, ambulance and health.

16- For the Public Transport Authority, an emergency plan is prepared to support the Metro Authority with the necessary buses in case a metro line is stopped and disrupted due to heavy rain.

17- Coordinate with traffic to prepare alternative itineraries, follow roads and axes that are exposed to torrential rain, close and divert roads in case they are exposed to torrential rain, and provide auxiliary guidance signs to facilitate movement citizens and facilitate the access of equipment to places of rain accumulation.

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