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After giving birth to newborn dead, is encouraging women to listen to their bodies


Pain & # 39; severe headache, vision that is troubled, the tension rises & # 39; very high and very low drop … For a pregnant woman, are worrying symptoms. That's what happened Kristy Wastonwhile was & # 39; 26 weeks pregnant. This Australian mother & # 39; 20 years will see her doctor several times without further examination, and tells you feel normal pregnancy symptoms and m & # 39; should not worry about …

Convinced that her condition is serious, Kristy Watson, pregnant with a miracle baby after three accidental injuries, persists. It continues to go on maternity regularly and even trying to get a second opinion at another hospital. Always have the same answer, tell CafeMom. But it was right to worry because it was suffering preeclampsia, A problem faced by pregnant women, which is characterized by a high level & # 39; proteinuria and hypertension, and can & # 39; have serious consequences both for the baby in the future as well as her mother. Unfortunately, in her case, was diagnosed too late.

After 32 weeks of & # 39; pregnancy, she goes back to her gynecologist for the same symptoms. The medical teams will be inform ultrasound, but must wait because the doctor is busy. "I felt that thought it was just complaining about my pregnancy, but in fact I knew something was wrong ', Recalls. A few hours later, it sent home, without making ultrasound, giving her painkillers for migraines. "It was three days before ħasst to my baby move for the last time. Three days before tell you that I had severe pre-eclampsia and heart of my child no longer beat. Three days before my delivery commencing twelve hours before I finally keep dead son. If only If only did the ultrasound that day to find that there was a problem with my placenta. If only they had taken a blood test to realize how toxic it was really f & # 39; this stage. Can & # 39; not changed things, but the thing is, I never know. "Kristy says Watson.

The young woman decided to speak on Facebook and the media to tell its story. "I do not want to finish the game & # 39; accusation, but to be neglected and ignored by those to whom I put the life that I've been in & # 39; hands, m & # 39; it is something I want my worst enemy. I want to draw attention to no mother, no family m & # 39; to live this pain, you her heart, and know the loss I live "she explains. Having given birth to her newborn, referred to Kaycen 26 & # 39; July 2018, she took her weeks long for her body to recover from pre-eclampsia, since almost died, besides having death. Also, ordering women and future mothers to listen to their instinti.

For this, it sends qalbiħ appeal: "I want people to know my story, to left idle knowing that when their instinct tells you something is wrong, must fight for answers, go back and forth until they know X & # 39; is going, to make sure we heard, now I nidde full loġja of & # 39; everything needed bill to raise my son, empty pennuna where my son could never have & # 39; to lie, never can book & # 39; I understand it, clothing who've never do it, all because I was not listening & # 39 ;, now go home with & # 39; bare hands, b & # 39; heart so broken it takes a lot of time to heal. Please, listen to your bodies".

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