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Nissan Carlos Ghosn removed from office


The auto giant Nissan board voted, on Thursday night, unanimously revocation & # 39; his emblematic president Carlos Ghosn, held at & # 39; Tokyo for alleged misconduct. "Having reviewed a detailed internal investigation report, the Council voted unanimously to lift the chair Carlos Ghosn," Nissan said in & # 39; statement.

F & # 39; other document published on the website & # 39; Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), the group explains this radical decision in "serious acts confirmed", mentioning "minimizing its income for a long time in the financial statements, fraudulent use of personal purposes & # 39; & # 39 funds, investment and reports & # 39; costs ".

Nissan also stressed that "the longstanding partnership with & # 39; Renault remained intact", while rumuri were raising tensions between French and Japanese builders joined by 1999. The meeting & # 39; seven & # 39; directors lasted more than four & # 39; hours at the headquarters of the group in & # 39; Yokohama, a suburb of the Japanese capital. Hiroto Saikawa, chief executive of the manufacturer since April 2017, conducted the proceedings. He was expected to take the interim chairman of the board, but ultimately no substitute has been appointed. He later appointed by a committee that includes three external directors. Will initiate a reflection on the media & # 39; "Strengthening governance", whose case revealed shortcomings.

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Revelations in the Japanese media

The prosecutor's press conference is foreseen in the coming hours since the revelations in the Japanese media show bad behavior of the Mogul & # 39; 64. Officially, the Franco-Brazilian Lebanon is accused, along with & # 39; an accomplice, "he reduce his compensation five times between June 2011 and June 2015", stating total sum & # 39; 4.9 billion yen (about 37 million "euro" instead of nearly 10 billion yen. But he also suspected to abuse & # 39; corporate assets, according to the results of & # 39; internal investigation led by Nissan in recent months .

On Wednesday, the court & # 39; Tokyo decided to extend her custody for ten days for further investigations. And his detention can & # 39; extends well beyond that, under the rules of the Japanese judicial system. On the side of & # 39; other members & # 39; alliance b & # 39; & # 39 of robust, 450,000 man, Mitsubishi Motors (MMC) also plans to "quickly deny" its chairman. It is organized the council next week, according to a company spokeswoman.

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Prudence in Renault

At Renault, currently located at caution & # 39; place. The board of directors asked Nissan to "ibgħatilha all information in its possession as part of internal investigations that Mr. Ghosn has been the subject '. Considering that he could not rule on the merits of the case, the French manufacturer has taken steps to ensure the interim, entrusted to & # 39; hand the number two company, Thierry Bolloré. The French government was trying to Wednesday jirassigura vote on the future of the diamond manufacturer, the state has 15%. The Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire, thus assured, before the press at & # 39; Paris, which was established governance "solid" but "provisional" to enable the French manufacturer to continue its activities. He will meet & # 39; his Japanese counterpart, Hiroshige Seko, Thursday afternoon to discuss the long-term nature of the partnership and the "extension" his.

If, in Japan, the remarks are reassuring, the local press noise & # 39; & # 39 anonymous statements; Nissan officials say the group should review the alliance structure, "a necessary condition to continue", according to one of them. The aim is to review the cross-shareholding: Renault has 43% of & # 39; Nissan, but the Japanese, which dominates its ally in & # 39; & # 39 terms; turnover, has only 15%, a situation that leads to longstanding resentment archipelago. According to a & # 39; daily economic Nikkei citing executive & # 39; Nissan, Carlos Ghosn was looking to integrate the two groups, and "it was possible that a concrete plan ready for the next spring", but this merger is rejected by & # 39; way open from Hiroto Saikawa.

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