Monday , June 27 2022

OL-ASSE: The controversial celebration & # 39; Fekir remains in all memories – Ligue 1


On the occasion of the 14th day of Ligue 1, Lyon received Friday the Saint-Etienne goalkeeper almost a year after the controversial celebration & # 39; Fekir Geoffroy-Guichard.

This week, Lyon, 4th b & # 39; 24 points, host & # 39; its history historic Saint-Etienne, five b & # 39; 23 points in share derby. Both teams are unexpectedly at 9e day and defeat in & # 39; Lille to Saint-Etienne (3-1), and f & # 39; Paris to OL (5-0). This talk will be more and more interesting to the winner can & # 39; steal the place & # 39; and other b & # 39; so close to the podium. The desire to triumph over rivals, increasing share in the standings. That was not relevant the last year. The Lyonnais have not lost against their neighbors last season, while Stéphanois experienced contrasting OL year while it was still in the race for ripped podium at the end of the season. This talk will also be celebrating how kind & # 39; closing. Almost a year ago, the Lyonnais umiljaw the Greens on their lawn (0-5), thanks b & # 39; in particular for the purpose of & # 39; Fekir that its celebration was controversial.

The chaos & # 39; Geoffroy Guichard, nearly a year later

Is 5 & # 39; November, 2017, at the Geoffroy Guichard, and is 85e minutes of talk under high voltage between Saint-Etienne and Lyon. The visitors led 4-0 when Nabil Fekir makes the game. Placed deep Mariano Diaz, the master & # 39; Ruffier Lyon faces and fit perfectly. 5-0. "On instinct", according to him, Fekir leaves his jersey and proudly present it to the southern gallery & # 39; Geoffroy-Guichard.

After this goal, the fans & # 39; Etienne, who tħossuhom insulted, invaded the land left the room for a chaotic scene. It has required police intervention (CRS) for several minutes. After half an hour & # 39; disorder, the game could get & # 39; start in almost empty stage and unworthy atmosphere & # 39; football stadium. This celebration has acquired the French international convocation of the disciplinary committee of the LFP. He stated that his action jiddispjaċinax "but its consequences". He was finally relaxed.

If not sentenced, the gesture & # 39; & # 39 Nabil Fekir remains; engraved in the history of the derby, and the League 1. Mkebbsa in memory of the respective supporters for obviously different reasons. But also in memory & # 39; viewers and readers could, for weeks, watching debates this celebration will raise. "Irresponsible" and "provocative" to some, "the football as we loving" others. The fact is that today, the image is taken again. The first 8 seconds of the trailer for Canal + – channel which will broadcast the talk – are dedicated to the celebration and its surroundings, evidence that the images will remain & # 39; forever in history of the derby.

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