Thursday , May 19 2022

Pécresse is shocked by words & # 39; WAUQUIEZ


Valérie Pécresse, the leader of Libres! f & # 39; LR, denounced Thursday the shocking comparison was made by Laurent WAUQUIEZ between the PMA and the Nazi eugenics, but believes that "ethical problems are not removed by the government bill".

We must "show respect". "I found this comparison was unacceptable and particularly shocking for women & # 39; France are the child will ', considered to RTL as the president of the Île-de-France, which' on these very intimate topics of bioethics, one must always show at the same time freshness, humanity and respect ".

Reservations on access to children origin ". "Very Sensitive to wish for a child to express itself", Valérie Pécresse however expressed strong reservations about the controversial government bill that opens the MAP all women and their examination by the National Assembly was postponed for spring. "I still facing me these serious ethical issues raised by PMA", she said, referring to "access to children's home."

"I want France to classify non-& # 39; body marketing man as a fundamental principle of the laws of the Republic owing to a real risk of & # 39; deviation, we can neżlinhom & # 39; away, nor reject ", Valérie added. Pécresse reiterated its opposition to surrogacy (GPA).

WAUQUIEZ again & # 39; red on his words. On Sunday, the president & # 39; LR Laurent WAUQUIEZ was considered the opening of the MAP for all women "(necessarily) lead" GPA ", the komodifikazzjoni gamete" and "eugenics ". "This should name, is eugeniku, all made by regime, is Nazism", he stated before common sense activists, the conservative stream & # 39; LR, calling for "to defend natural way & # 39; reproduction, & # 39; filiation, of & # 39; transmission ". He then ease his statement Monday, said "wanted to remember the lessons of & # 39; history." "The Our contemporary debates obviously not the same, but when we talk about ethics, we must be very careful about the paths are open", he added.

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