Tuesday , September 27 2022

Green or yellow, Habeck or Lindner: who will be finance minister? – Domestic policy


Because of yellow-green harmony!

In the traffic light negotiations, Posten-Knatsch threatens – of all people, between the two new experts, the Green boss Robert Habeck (52) and the FDP boss Christian Lindner (42) . And this just before the FDP ALL DECISIVE board meeting on Monday morning (11 am). Problem: Both men want the post of finance minister.

Lindner is actually established as finance minister. It was only on Saturday that Marco Buschmann, the First Parliamentary Managing Director of the FDP parliamentary group (44), confirmed this: “I can’t think of anyone better for this job,” he told Spiegel. “.

FDP vice-president Wolfgang Kubicki (69) also said that anyone who had doubts that the traffic light project could succeed without tax increases and new debts had “wanted Lindner to become minister of the finance “. Otherwise the FDP will have “the cake on its face”.

But according to BILD information, the Lindner Greens want to challenge the Ministry of Finance! “We have to raise our hands when it comes to the Ministry of Finance,” Green top told BILD.

Fix: Robert Habeck. He had recently met with representatives from Deutsche Bank and other financial service providers.

Baden-Württemberg’s Minister for Green Finance, Danyal Bayaz (38), tweeted openly that he could not have imagined anyone better in this position.

Habeck “not only prepared well for this responsible job from yesterday,” he continues. “He also gained experience as the head of a ministry.”

The head of the Greens was Minister of the Environment in Schleswig-Holstein from 2012 to 2018. “If the goal is to reliably implement coalition agreements, steer the focus on investments and keep going in everyday political life sometimes a storm, it would be exactly the right thing to do. good – not just because it comes from the coast, ”Bayaz wrote. Meaning: A green man must open the cash register for a green policy.

What if nothing works with the treasurer?

Habeck is at least exploring his plan B: the interior ministry. Because: There has never been a green interior minister in Germany. “We wanted to have a state interior minister before we dared to do so,” top green said.

Habeck has already met with the heads of security authorities and experts here as well. But: “We have enormous respect, we take over a completely black house that is already considered governable and has been virtually without a leader for many years.” In addition, the Greens will be responsible for asylum, deportations and border security. “We’re not going to win pots,” a green lace woman told BILD.

But first, the Greens should decide to start coalition negotiations at a small party congress this Sunday (from 1 pm), and the Liberals should follow up on Monday.

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