Monday , June 14 2021

Contacts for the acquisition of Discord by Microsoft – Microsoft has been terminated

Discord is now planning to make it public

Microsoft and Discord ended their contacts after Discord turned down a $ 12 billion bid for its acquisition by Microsoft, according to press reports.

Now, according to a Bloomberg report, Discord is focusing its efforts on bringing the company into the stock market, in the long run. This information was provided on condition of anonymity, as the relevant consultations had not yet been made public.

According to press sources, Twitter had also expressed interest in acquiring Discord. In recent weeks, other companies have considered buying or investing in Discord, with the company estimated at between $ 15 billion and $ 18 billion.

Representatives of the three companies declined to comment.

San Francisco-based Discord provides users with free video, audio or text communication. During the pandemic there was a steady increase in users, as more and more people used the app to study together, attend dance classes, participate in philanthropic clubs and generally organize various virtual meetings.

Meanwhile, Discord is expanding the tools it provides to become a “communication space,” as it wants to expand its audience, as it currently operates primarily as a messaging platform between gamers.

According to a previous report by Bloomberg, while discussions were still ongoing with Microsoft, the case of Discord turning to its listing on the stock exchange was more likely and journalistic estimates appear to have been confirmed. In the past, Discord has had contacts with Epic Games and Amazon, according to news sources.

The Wall Street Journal was the first to announce the end of contacts.

In any case, Microsoft remains active on the acquisition front. Earlier in April, it announced the acquisition of Nuance, a pioneer in speech recognition software, that paid an amount that eventually exceeded $ 19 billion.

Last year, I tried to acquire TikTok and consulted about the acquisition of Pinterest, as the tech giant is looking for companies that give it access to dynamic and growing user communities. At the same time, Microsoft is expanding the benefits it provides to Xbox subscribers through Game Pass offerings.

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