Monday , June 14 2021

Special support for businesses and in May

In the “scaffolding” special aid for companies that stay with shutters listed in May: As soon as the Refundable Advance Closes its ring, it is replaced by the successor scheme called “enhanced special purpose compensation”. It is a “financial tool” that “touches” only those companies that were shut down by state order in both April and this month.

Vangelis Dourakis writes

“Hot money” that will reach 4,000 euros will be distributed by the state to companies that have not opened to date and remain closed due to restrictive measures. The specific financial mechanism called “enhanced special purpose compensation” is already estimated to be activated in the second 10 days of May in order to support companies that had their shutters – even for a few days – in April.

“Enhanced Compensation” Extends in May

Essentially, we are talking about the successive Refundable Advance Scheme, which, however, generally does not apply to those companies that have been affected by the pandemic and recorded a decrease in turnover, but only those that remain under restrictive measures. . Currently, the decision concerns the strengthening – through this mechanism – of professionals who have been forced by the state to keep “their shutters” either for the whole month of April or for a few days in the same month. .

However, the expansion of the program to companies with similar characteristics in the month of May is in the pipeline, in other words, those activities that remain closed by state order in the current month will be strengthened through the same mechanism.

What amounts “distribute” the Enhanced Compensation

The amounts that will be allocated with this form of new “specialized” aid start from 1,000 and reach up to 4,000 euros. Specifically, companies with up to 50 employees and having a master KAD or KAD with the highest income in the sectors and areas where the restrictive measures were adopted during April, are entitled to increased special purpose compensation, without turnover reduction criterion. The compensation is as follows:

-1,000 euros for companies with 0 to 5 employees.

-2,000 euros for companies with 6 to 20 employees.

-4,000 euros for companies with 21 to 50 employees.


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