Tuesday , September 27 2022

I was Otto Kinizsi’s lover


There was a lot of crying at Saturday night’s Dancing with the Stars show, and Night of Memories brought back many old memories from both the contestants, the jury and the presenters. Ramóna Lékai-Kiss caused funny moments when she spoke after Ottó Kinizsi’s dance.

After scoring, Lékai-Kiss Ramóna stabbed him: “One thing I can tell you: it hurts a little that I lost your past because I was your lover, your love, your friend and everything, but good! ” Otto Kinizsi did not hesitate to answer: “Let us not sell these live, Rami!”

“I’m sorry, I don’t want to feel embarrassed, but I’ve known you for twenty years, and that you’ve been released now, for sure!” – praised the contestant, whom he had known for 20 years, they were teenagers when they played together in a series: here their characters love each other, remarked the presenter of Dancing with the Stars.

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