Monday , June 14 2021

Because of Gisel, Edho Zell was shocked to find that he had not given an envelope at Atta Aurel’s wedding.

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.comYouTuber Edho Zell said he was surprised to find that he went to Atta and Aurel’s wedding without giving money envelopes.

It all started when I created TikTok content about the content of Atta and Aurel’s wedding favors.

Then there are users who are curious about how big the envelope will be when it comes to an artist’s wedding.

Without feeling that something was wrong, Edho showed his envelope that was still wrapped in the car.

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Edho also explained that the reason he still kept the envelope containing the Rp. 500,000 was because he didn’t find the envelope box or the QR Code at Atta and Aurel’s wedding.

So Edho concluded that the couple did not receive an envelope. But apparently, there is a circulating video of the wedding, where Gisella Anastasia is seen inserting an envelope.

Realizing that he had not given envelopes to Atta and Aurel, Edho was surprised and made a TikTok video where he was seen sitting in a corner of the room contemplating his fate.

“Strong shock watch this video..gue n @baldybrobryzxz just came in,” wrote Edho, quoted Wednesday (7/4/2021).

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“My mental breakdance,” Edho wrote in his comment column.

But the rise of Edho actually made many people in the network laugh, so much so that Edho thought.

Edho’s departure made the netizens laugh again, and they laughed at Edho’s fate that he had come to the wedding, ate well, but did not give an envelope.

“I may or may not … Embarrassed or not … I may or may not cook … God, how can it not be this,” wrote @ameyuaena.

“I think it’s the last invitation for my artist,” Edho replied to the people of the network.

“Given an expensive souvenir, eating delicious, but not giving an envelope,” write @siapaya? accompanied by funny emojis.

“So this brother has already eaten, he got a souvenir, he just left right away, why don’t you invite me, brother, I want it too,” wrote @DesiFransisca with an emoji laugh.

“Come back, hurry, knock, knock, knock the new house, hahahaha,” write @zayndhati.

“I just sent a gift to the cooking utensils so I don’t think about it,” wrote @istrinyakenma.

“Directly on the blacklist with the artists, your name,” write @takemehome with a laughing emoji.

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