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Celebrate Birthday by Wearing to Be Grumpy, Sis Seto Reveals Reason


JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com Child psychologist Seto Mulyadi usually celebrates his birthday with a unique celebration.

The man who lovingly is called Kak Seto usually disguises himself to be a bum or even a scavenger at every birthday celebration.

It turns out that Kak Seto has his own reasons for making such a birthday celebration.

Before reaching this point, Kak Seto had experienced the bitterness of being a homeless person because he had no family in Jakarta.

“So now when it’s birthdays, I think back disguised as a bum,” Kak Seto, quoted by Kompas.com from Vindes YouTube station, said Sunday (17/10/2021).

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Such birthday celebrations are a reminder that Kak Seto had a long process before he achieved this kind of success.

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“So I remember once I was at the bottom like that,” he said.

On the same occasion, Kak Seto admitted that his early life in Jakarta was so dark.

Without a place to live and a family, Kak Seto was once a scavenger and slept in the trash.

Kak Seto’s fate began to change when he found a job as a office boy in a company.

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