Tuesday , July 27 2021

In addition to recording & # 39; Vanessa Angel, police found pornographic pictures & # 39; other artists

Merdeka.com – The investigation of prostitution cases involving six artists pimps, of which 4 of them were caught, again & # 39 others, revealed a new veil. After photos and videos & # 39; Vanessa Angel previously pornographic, now number & # 39; content containing indecent pictures & # 39; number & # 39; artists have also been found by investigators.

The discovery & # 39; contents which narrative or image & # 39; number & # 39; artists to break this decency, investigators obtained a digital forensic data. Data obtained by investigators from pimps caught.

This has been recognized by the Director of the Special Criminal Investigation (Dirreskrimsus) the East Java Regional Police Commissioner Akhmad Yusep Gunawan. He stated, from its digital data, there were several contents is called to contain narrative and even numbers or images related to moral violations.

For these findings, the investigators also believe, if there are violations of legal norms as implied in Article 27 paragraph 1 of Law No. 11 of 2008 on Information and Electronic Transactions. Unfortunately, he did not disclose more, the meaning of the picture.

"The digital data tell the content as much of the narrative well & # 39; the pictures related to violations of decency, and breaches of legal norms implied in Article 27 of the ITE Law", he said on Monday (1/21).

The article, previously well connected by Vanessa Angel, become suspect. In Article 27 paragraph 1, reads "Any person intentionally and without rights to distribute and / or transmit and / or make accessible Electronic Information and / or
Electronic Documents content that violates decency ".

As is known, a digital forensic data, police found a number of photos and videos oxxenu belonging to Vanessa Angel on a mobile phone belonging to one of the pimps.

The discovery of the indecent photos and videos & # 39; Vanessa Angel on a mobile phone belonging to the pimps of & # 39; ES, was confirmed by the Head of Public Relations Commissioner Regional Police East Java Frans Barung Mangera, Wednesday (1/16).

He stated, that the results of police investigations of digital forensic data, actually had very indecent photos and videos & # 39; Vanessa Angel. Photos and videos are transmitted to ES pimps. These photos and videos are supposed to be the tool offers men masher.

"There indecent photos and videos & # 39; VA, but it certainly deserves to be revealed," he said.

Vanessa herself said Barung undergone further examination to detect the role of & # 39; this star & # 39; the FTV in online prostitution business.

The prostitution business artist himself was revealed after the raid of & # 39; Vanessa Angel on inside hotel Surabaya, Last Saturday (1/5). At the time Vanessa was serving a customer through the intermediary ES. [ian]

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