Friday , April 16 2021

A fan company sold high-specification luxury cars

A festival management company that imported € 10m worth of unused Chinese HSE fans sold two high-specification luxury cars for around € 325,000 on the same day earlier this year.

Roqu Media International, a sister company of Roqu Group, sold a 2017 Maserati Gran Turismo and a 2017 Ferrari 488 Spyder to a retailer in Dublin on 26 January.

The Irish examiner understands that Roqu Chief Executive Robert Quirke, no longer resident in Ireland.

Mr Quirke did not answer questions about where he currently resides, nor about the purpose of the two car transactions made on behalf of his company.

Roqu bought the Maserati for the first time on 14 March 2020, nine days before the company received € 14.1m from the HSE for the acquisition of 328 fans from China.

In the end, only 64 devices were delivered, with Roqu returning € 3.8m, while the HSE enlisted the services of law firm Philip Lee to help it recover some of the € 10.3m or all outstanding through the dispute resolution.

Roqu Media International sold the red Maserati to the north Dublin dealer for € 75,000. The car had no outstanding financial repayments on it at the time, meaning it was fully owned. The four-year-old model subsequently went on sale for € 100,000.

The commercial price for Ferrari, which was sold to the same dealership, is currently unknown, although sources in the car industry have suggested that such a four-year-old car would be expected to fetch a sale price of around € 250,000. .

Separately, Roqu’s most recent venture, a health passport smartphone application, has been redesigned for the second time.

Health Passport Ireland, which became Health Passport Europe earlier this year, is now known as Health Passport Worldwide.

Health passports are one of many possible solutions being considered by governments around the world on how to reopen society effectively while maintaining Covid-19 restrictions.

A duplicate website for Health Passport Europe was set up for Health Passport Worldwide, and for a time ran alongside the other site, although the former now connects to the brand new product, as does the Health Passport Ireland site .

Mr. Quirke did not answer a question about why the firm was apparently changing the brand for the second time.

Since last July, Mr Quirke had repeatedly put pressure on the HSE about its interest in another initiative involving his digital Covid passport, despite outstanding issues stemming from the previous fan transaction.

Last month Health Passport Europe was a gold sponsor of the Health Summit, an annual event held in Ireland, and addressed by the HSE Chief Executive and the Minister for Health. Mr Quirke had also been charged as addressing the event, but in the end did not do so by quoting “work commitments”.

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