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the knots of the school to resume, fight between the principal and Bianchi-

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The platform is ready to monitor teachers ’green certificates. Alarm of school leaders: we risk chaos meetings

all ready for the platform that allows principles to automatically verify the green pass of teachers and school staff. The Dpcm authorizes them to use the new platform in the Official Gazette. From Monday, by entering their profile in the Sidi system they will also find the button
allowing you to report the absence (which is unjustified) due to the lack of the green pass
. Sogei, who prepared the platform, completed the testing. Principles will not be able to prove it in advance, they will be satisfied with the explanatory slides sent by the ministry. At this point only one has to wait and see, one of the ministry leaders escapes by crossing his finger.

The Bianchi-Giannelli battle

On the eve of the return to class of many Italian students – Monday the 13th – the tension with the principals’ union remains high. Whites responds to PNA president Antonello Giannelli doubtful about the extension of the green pass also to parents accompanying young children and that it is necessary even if they stop in the common areas of schools beyond the front door. Porr big control problems, protested on behalf of school leaders. There is no collection, there have always been parents who brought the children to the school doors. Who, then, has to make an income because he wants to talk or meet, does so in the protection of all – answers Bianchi – Who wants to bring very young children to the insertions, does as he is already doing, based on the principle that the the big ones protect the little ones. We want to insure all our schools, our children, our children.


But the new arrangement arrived on the eve of the start of classes creating more nervousness. Among the controversial issues regarding the introduction of the green pass is that of sanctioning the principal in the event that revenue control is not exceptional. The CISL had asked to cancel the fine. The NAP had denied that it had not been agreed before it was included in the August decree. There was also talk of halving it (from 400 to 1000 euros) when it becomes a law. The government carried out the responsibility on the schools while it had to fulfill the vaccination obligation. You must have no idea how schools work to think about implementing the green pass in this context, says Francesco Sinopoli of Flc CGIL. Anief announces an appeal against the extension of the checks and a strike on Monday 13, the first day of school. We don’t want to understand that the measures for the school may not be the ones used for a pizzeria, complains Pino Turi, secretary of the Uil Scuola.

The vaccine explosion

If the climate remains warm as at the beginning of the school year, a good result is indicated on the front of the vaccine instead. The number of vaccines among school staff and especially among children is growing. General Figliuolo’s weekly report shows a prof 93.1 percent with at least one dose of vaccine and only 103,000 unvaccinated in the category. If we consider that a few thousand are exempt because they fall into the category of those who have a green pass because they are treated or because they are exempt, less than one hundred thousand are still missing. Among 16-19 year olds, three out of four now had at least one dose of vaccine with peaks of about 80 percent in Lombardy. Half of the adolescents are completely vaccinated. Of the youngest – those aged 12 to 15 – now one in two has made at least the first dose (52.5 per cent) with the top 60 in Lombardy.

I bus

From Monday, in addition to schools and heads, public transport systems will also be tested. Six out of 15 metropolitan cities (Milan, Rome and Naples, first and foremost) confirmed double-entry and exit shifts between 7.45 am and 10 am in different city modes with city ​​agreed with the prefects. A total of 5,833 additional public transports have been purchased in recent months by local authorities to improve the service. Puglia and Emilia Romagna are the regions where there is the most investment. Compared to the first months of the year, services in terms of cars and mileage increased by almost 10 percent. Commissioner Figliuolo’s structure has instead been forced to withdraw a large stockpile of surgical masks distributed to schools in 2020 because they were out of date: they will be discarded.

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