Thursday , September 16 2021

Epic Games and Apple are doomed to trial on Fortnite for iOS. Complaint with Apple about the use of external payment methods AUTOMATON

The Federal District Court for the Northern District of California, USA, handed down the decision on September 10, local time, following the trial proceedings in which Epic Games was suing Apple. . It’s content that can’t be said to be a win-win for anyone, but the result is that it can be taken in favor of Epic Games. Foreign media such as The Verge reported.

It all started when Epic Games implemented its own payment method for the mobile version of Fortnite in 2020, and Apple removed it from the App Store, which the rules do not allow. Epic Games claims that Apple is a dominant act in the market that forces manufacturers to use their payment methods and thus collect a 30% commission. Apple, on the other hand, denied this, leading to an Epic Games seeker (related article).

In this decision, Judge Gonzalez-Rogers concluded that Apple is not recognized as a monopoly under antitrust law (the so-called antitrust law). Epic Games will use its own payment method to avoid a 30% commission to Apple before removing Fortnite from the App Store, and will use a portion of the revenue to compensate for breach of contract. I was ordered to pay as money. Meanwhile, the judge said Apple’s restrictions on manufacturers are anti-competitive and illegally disrupt consumer choice, and that remedies are needed to eliminate the clause. He points out that the aid will help drive competition, increase transparency and increase consumer choice, but will maintain the App Store ecosystem.

In other words, Apple’s regulation, which prohibits manufacturers from communicating with consumers by displaying links, etc., to guide them to external payment methods should be removed in the future. The pardon granted to Apple is 90 days from the 10th of September when the sentence was issued. Apple relaxed those restrictions on some of its leading applications in August of this year after it was investigated by Japan’s Fair Trade Commission, but the court will do the same for applications such as Fortnite . It is an impending form.

Following the decision, Apple said the court acknowledged Apple’s allegation that it did not violate antitrust laws. He also commented that the company is facing fierce competition in all areas and believes that consumers and manufacturers are choosing Apple because of its best services and products.

Meanwhile, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney commented that it was not a victory for developers and consumers. Instead of directing them to an external site to make a payment via a link, the company says it will continue to fight until it accepts options other than Apple through in-app purchases. And after winning the battle, Fortnite returns to the App Store.

However, this decision could be a major turning point, and future developments would be followed. As an aside, Apple’s share price fell sharply from the decision. It seems that the decision has a big impact on investors.

By the way, on September 10, Epic Games announced that it had applied to Apple to restore its developer account in South Korea on the iOS version of “Fortnite”, but was denied . In South Korea, a law has been passed banning platformers from forcing manufacturers to use their own payment methods, and this is the move. The fact that the draft has not yet been enforced may have led to this response.

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