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‘Disqualification’ Jeon Do-yeon X Ryu Jun-yeol, immediate eye contact! With Byung-eun Park in one place?

Jeon Do-yeon happens after Ryu Jun-yeol who disappeared in the guest, ‘Curious ↑’

'Disqualification' Jeon Do-yeon X Ryu Jun-yeol, immediate eye contact!  With Byung-eun Park in one place?

‘Disqualification’ Jeon Do-yeon and Ryu Jun-yeol cross again between chance and inevitability.

JTBC’s 10th anniversary ‘Disqualification’ special project (directed by Heo Jin-ho? Park Hong-soo, written by Kim Ji-hye, produced by C-JeS Entertainment? Drama House Studio) will be aired on the 12th, before the 4th episode will air on the 12th, with Jung-Jeong (Jeon Do-Yeon), Kang Jae (Ryu Jun-Yeol), and Jung Soo (Byung-eun Park) came out anyway showing the mixed look. Kang-jae’s complex emotions and the swinging negativity in his passing eyes further increase his curiosity.

In the last broadcast, injustice and Kang-jae struggled deeper and more complexly. Jong-hoon (Ryu Ji-hoon) has been investigating corruption under the direction of A-ran (Park Ji-young). However, Jung-woo’s death (played by Na Hyun-woo) stopped things, and Jong-hoon asked Kang-jae to take care of her. Kang Jae, who felt the crisis of injustice, was turned into confusion, and eventually decided to pretend he didn’t know, saying, “It has nothing to do with me.”

Meanwhile, in the published photo, eye contact with Negative and Kang-jae was caught. The two met in the lobby of a wedding hall. They find each other among the many guests, but are unable to approach each other and stop. Kang Jae, who was acting as a guest, accidentally ended up in infidelity with her husband Jung Soo. The eyes of the two people looking at each other from a distance are filled with emotions that are hard to explain. In the following picture, the eyes of negativity that are happening after Kang-jae, who has disappeared for a moment, are interesting. Here, the woman, lying all over the place, is an unfamiliar essence. The wonderful tension between the three people who entered the same space raises the heart rate.

In episode 4 aired today (12th), Jeongguk and Kangjae exchange the promised messenger IDs. Kang Jae, who is constantly concerned about injustice, and injustice being pulled unconsciously, the unpredictable changes between the two are expected to unfold in an interesting way. The ‘Disqualification for Humanity’ production team said, “From today’s 4 (12) episode, the denial and Kang-jae are moving towards a somewhat special existence rather than a passing relationship. Please see how the two people who were lost and lost will comfort each other. “he said

On the other hand, the 4th episode of JTBC’s 10th anniversary special project ‘Human Disqualification’ will be aired at 10.30pm on the 12th.

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(Photo provided by C-JeS Entertainment? Drama House Studio)


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