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Older adults walking 20 minutes a day halved the risk of death (Study)


Walking is one of the first exercises that anyone can do easily. Walking is really good for your health. Studies have shown that moderate-intensity walking can help improve the symptoms of vascular cognitive impairment.

There are many other health benefits of walking. Walking can help relieve depression in the first place. Walking promotes vitality and happiness.

As you walk, blood circulation improves, the supply of oxygen to the cells in the body increases, and the tension in the muscles and joints is relieved, thus increasing vitality. Experts say, “These effects are comparable to general antidepressants. Walking helps in the formation of endorphins, called happiness hormones, and is also good for reducing stress and anxiety.”

Walking outside not only increases the production of vitamin D, which is essential for bone health, but also increases bone density, which can help prevent osteoporosis. In addition, it is effective in preventing dementia by reducing weight, building a healthy body, and improving blood vessel health.

In connection with the effectiveness of these walking exercises, the risk of death is halved in the elderly who have walked for 20 minutes or more a day. This is the result of a study conducted by a research team at the American Veterans Hospital on the effect of exercise on mortality among 3,000 men between the ages of 70 and 92.

The research team measured the weight and smoking history of the subjects and analyzed death records by tracing the subjects for an average of 6 years. As a result, the risk of death was found to be reduced by about 50% for the elderly who walked for 20 to 40 minutes a day.

Depending on the amount of exercise, the study subjects were divided into four groups. When 100 people died in the group with the least exercise, 74 people who exercised a little more, 54 people who exercised moderately, and 46 people who exercised the most.

“Aging and death are inevitable, but maintaining a certain level of physical activity can reduce the rate of aging and mortality,” the research team said. It is important to start slowly and not overdo it. “

This study (20 minutes of brisk walking can halve the risk of death for older men) was presented at the Congress of the European Society of Cardiology.

By Kwon Soon-il, staff reporter [email protected]

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