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Sony PS5 new ‘drought’ … Users quench their ‘thirst’ with remastered version

A video trailer for ‘Death Stranding’ and ‘Ghost of Tsushima’, both remastered for PS5. [이미지=소니코리아]
A video trailer for ‘Death Stranding’ and ‘Ghost of Tsushima’, both remastered for PS5. [이미지=소니코리아]
[이뉴스투데이 김영민 기자] It’s been almost a year since the PlayStation 5 (PS5), which was released by Sony Interactive Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as Sony) in November last year, but the ‘absence of new work’ continues. However, as soon as the remastered working version of the exclusive work of the previous generation device with added episodes was released, the “thirst” of the users eased.

After the Sony PS5 was released, only a few titles such as ‘Rachat & Clank: Rift Apart’, ‘Lunnel’, and ‘Destruction All Stars’ were released as exclusive works that do not support previous generations of devices. which can fully utilize the capabilities of the slow-moving device.

At the start of the release, users were interested in the pre-sale schedule of the PS5 console due to lack of supply, but as supply has recently become smooth, the release of exclusive titles PS5 is still far from over.

There aren’t many complaints about the fact that PS5 hasn’t been released for over a year, but in the case of some users, only titles that support all generation devices are released at the same time. There are also opinions.

In particular, the title of the previous generation device is about 10,000 won cheaper and is compatible with PS5, so there is no need to pay more to buy a PS5 title.

The gaming industry has explained that it is choosing to postpone the release rather than meet the unreasonable release schedule as it is difficult to develop smoothly due to Corona 19. The release was delayed several times last year. , but when I opened the lid, it meant I wasn’t following CDPR’s ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ path, which was full of mistakes.

In the case of Cyberpunk 2077, after its release, an error occurred that made it impossible to use the game. User trust in the CDPR developer has not yet been restored.

An industry official said, “Since the release of PS5 is less than a year ago, titles supporting both PS4 and PS5 are continuing to be released. It is excellent and the vibration response of the PS5 controller is expressed b more accurately. “

He continued, “In the gaming industry, Cyberpunk 2077, released last year, was released in an unfinished state, and the developer fell into a state of inability. He explained.

Currently, the new series ‘God of War’, ‘Gran Turismo 7’ and ‘Death Loop’. ‘Kenna: Bridge of Spirit’ and ‘Horizon Forbidden West’ are scheduled to be released as PS5 titles.

After Rachat & Crank: Rift Apart, the lack of PS5 titles will continue for 8 months, but ‘Ghost of Tsushima’, which was released as a remastered version of PS5 on the 20th of last month, and ‘Death Stranding ‘, which is scheduled to be released on the 24th of this month, alleviates the thirst of users enough to make

Both titles include additional content when they are released as Director’s Cut.

In the case of Ghost of Tsushima, it contains all the elements such as elements of collection, story, and character growth, but it is enough for users who have not been exposed to the game to enjoy it. It doesn’t take long to complete one in-game mission, so it’s suitable for office workers to enjoy.

The clear division of the background and the gathering elements in the game, as well as the position of the attack that increases as they grow, are enough to arouse the interest of the users. In particular, the usage flow is not interrupted due to the clean graphic expression and loading time without delay.

However, as it is established at the end of the period of the warring States in Japan, the antipathy of the users cannot be ignored.

Death Stranding is expected to have the same reaction on PS5 as the likes and dislikes of the previous generation devices were shared.

While Death Stranding Directors Cut has been remastered on PS5, Death Stranding Directors Cut has been remastered on PS5, expanding various new modes, missions, regions and stories.

It supports high-end 4K resolution and a 60-frame game environment. Vibration response from the wireless controller, adaptive triggers, 3D audio, and more are also supported.

An official from Sony Korea said, “There are a lot of exclusive titles in preparation and games being developed by partners.

Meanwhile, Horizon Forbidden West, which is scheduled to be released in February next year, is known as a PS5 exclusive, but a PS4 version will also be released at the same time. At the time of the release schedule, all versions of the PS4 version can be upgraded for free due to the controversy over the policy that only certain editions of the PS4 can be upgraded to the PS5.

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