Thursday , September 16 2021

The millionaire Zuzāns publishes his first photo with his new girlfriend

Art collector, patron and gambling mogul Jānis Zuzāns continues to enjoy a bloody life after his divorce from his wife Dina and allows his followers to take a look at Instagram. Also, he published a romantic photo in which he poses along with the new crush.

After living together for 40 years, 39 of whom were married, in May Jānis and Dina Zuzāni told the general public what they decided to go on their separate path.

Millions of Zuzans shared their wealth after the divorce

While Dina does not want a serious relationship after the divorce, Jānis has already established new relationships, and the couple has already left society several times.

According to “Privāta Dzīve” Zuzāns’ new love is the stylist Ilze from Tukums, but the millionaire himself has chosen not to reveal the identity of the sympathetic blonde.

Last weekend, Zuzāns posted two pictures in his photo blog on Instagram, in which he was caught along with his new girlfriend. In one picture, the two of us can be seen posing neatly on the yacht, but in the second shot, Zuzāns appears in the reflection of his mirror glasses. “Together,” he commented significantly on the photo.

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