Thursday , September 16 2021

This year, the Riga World Film Festival focuses on the relationship between cinema and time

From 16 to 19 September, the Riga World Film Festival (RPFF) will take place at the Kino Bize cinema.

Yesterday and today they met RPFF 2021 in the opening film “Very Pleasant, Comrades” (“A Pleasure, Comrades”, 2019). After the long overthrow of the authoritarian regime at the beginning of the Portuguese Carnation Revolution in 1975, people in the countryside began to develop collective farms that intrigued young people from abroad with similar ideals of revolution and more society. democratic. They join cooperatives that offer literacy, health and sex education. According to the organizers of the RPFF, “the movie” Very fun, Members “travels through time, giving the older generation the opportunity to play with courage and hunger domestic scenes and sexual, conversations from earlier times, when women were still ashamed to be naked in the presence of their husbands. “

Several films in this year’s program show what happens when the pace of life is stopped as a result of drastic and restrictive events due to the current pandemic, and what happens when restrictions are abruptly lifted – a father is released from prison to spend the end home with his daughter. Otherwise, the pace simply continues according to the past seasons and years, as is the case of the two sisters who lived together in the countryside all their lives in the latest RPFF 2021 film, The Life We Know ( 2020).

The festival program also includes a “City Sound Records” workshop. Krista Dintere, its director, explained: “The sound space in the city is characterized both by the presence of human activities and by the architectural structures created. Psychoacoustics, it is the hearing that indicates whether you are in a church, on a staircase, in a tunnel, in a narrow or wide area. “The research results of the workshop are presented in a public session.

The visual identity of this year’s Riga World Film Festival was developed by artist Edvards Percevs, and the festival’s video tigers were developed by film producer Daniel Allen. The festival is supported by the State Capital of Culture Fund.

More information about the program is available on the “Kino Bize” website, as well as on the Riga World Film Festival and “Kino Bize” social networks.

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