Wednesday , July 28 2021

Japan will continue purchases of Iranian oil after the amnesty of the US

Japan will continue purchases of Iranian oil after the amnesty of the US


After the Korea & # 39; South .. The Japan again & # 39; start buying & # 39; Iranian oil

Iranian officials and a spokesman for Japanese refinery said on Monday that the Japanese refineries sent crude Iran aboard an oil tanker, and continued importing having been suspended due to sanctions & # 39; the United States.

Japan is the last of the four & # 39; Iranian oil customers in Asia, to resume imports after receiving an exemption from US sanctions entered into force in & # 39; November . China and India maintained imports after November, while imports to Korea & # 39; South set for four & # 39; months and resumed at weekends.

"After China, Korea t & # 39; South America, India and Turkey, Japan also began the process of & # 39; import of Iranian oil," the Governor Central Bank Hamati Abdul Nasser was quoted as saying by the official agency & # 39; the IRNA news.

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Iranian Minister of Oil begine Zenganeh

Spokesman for Fuji Oil refinery of Japan said that it had received a shipment of & # 39; Iranian oil at the weekend. "Continue & # 39; Iranian oil imports took time, until the approval of the bank to make payments to Iran", he said.

Mashtarian said in Japan that may not be able to continue after the end of & # 39; annual insurance tanker, which is supported by the Japanese government in & # 39; March.

The oil exports & # 39; Iran have fallen sharply since the President & # 39; the US Donald Trump announced in & # 39; May that the US will withdraw from an agreement to place restrictions on the nuclear program & # 39; Iran and re & # 39; establishes sanctions on Tehran.

Japan stopped importing oil from Iran in & # 39; last November as in force the sanctions. The Iranian oil accounted for 5.3 percent of total crude imports of Japan in 2017.

Source: Reuters

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