Sunday , May 28 2023

Video: Randa al-Beheiri show because her son Yasin was released from the limelight


The "Ain" hosted counsel on the channel "Life" Bheiri artist Randa, who spoke for the first time about her son Yassin.

Although she was keen to keep her son away from the limelight, is always attended any occasion without accompanying, but came to the fact that she refused to talk to in television programs and meetings, but recently withdrew from that and revealed image & # 39; her son.

"I Yassin wait to take this decision itself," said Randa al-Beheiri. "I started to take the decision to publish pictures of him and his father, and I was the only one in the family who did not publish his pictures..

She added: "I did not grant that involved to my Yassin child in a reputable area, so he is the owner & # 39; this decision if it must be a famous figure or public not to go to him, but after diving this step, published one picture with me, now 8 years.

She continued: "My son Yassin looks like me in features b & # 39; most significantly, as well as qualities, but we do not endorse in & # 39; something is stubbornness, because it belongs to the Gemini."

Randa al-Beheiri first showed an image of & # 39; her son Yaseen f & # 39; last August, and published his image through its account on Instagram and asked the audience and his followers to know if her son or not appearing.

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