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Renowned actors who are preparing for the new comedy theater "Secrets for breaking and secret" | names


It f & # 39; that the most & # 39; buildings that produce wind, which the play was written by a known actor Ramūnas Šimukauskas, four & # 39; beautiful ladies from the capital leaving the police station of the provincial city. And here begins a funny funny adventures, relationships and women's intrigues, who will try to relieve the police of & # 39; the station and one of the ladies asked for help.

"The comedy will not just laugh burst bomb, but all spectators left the hall after the performance will have a bunch of & # 39; optimism and good mood", – assured performance artists.

Photo by Martynas Sirusas / Oneda Kunsunga and Ramūnas Šimukauskas

Photo by Martynas Sirusas / Oneda Kunsunga and Ramūnas Šimukauskas

It "Raso 2. The celebration continues!", According to Oneida Kunsung, raised the childhood memories when it came to ingenuity to get her own. It remember b & # 39; clearly visits to her grandmother, during the holidays had a large number of & # 39; happy with their grandchildren cooked dish & # 39; condensed milk. When the family drag, Oneida and her sister went secretly to enjoy the taste.

"Darb & # 39; other, we met with basket" cow "with a father who came to give passion! True, the hike has failed to dissolve any clues, because we inadvertently discovered what we really did when we all full sweet, "Oneida Kunsun remember that laugh was the story.

She was assured that assisted more than once, but it brings colors to life & # 39; day.

"Do not I can & # 39; say some details, because then it will show my cards!" – the interlocutor assured that it was hidden in & # 39; good heart.

And the actress Ausra Štukytė m & # 39; has no doubt – we mostly go out and cuddle childhood.

Martynas Sirusas nuotr. / Ausra Štukytė

Martynas Sirusas nuotr. / Ausra Štukytė

"But … with age, so we set up. Just to make b & # 39; a different way," she smiled.

This was also supported by Vitaly Mockevichyte, adding that a large number of & # 39; people even live live, or even just see.

"In our childhood, we are more us, because we learned how to do best!" – riedament assured performance by Tada Grynas.

According to him, the cheerful premiere, the audience expects many women's stories open, ridikuli situations, intrigues detective and live songs.

"Women do not jimteddux. They believe in & # 39; what they say!" – Ausra Štukytė, which plays an important role in its performance, with jidentifikahomx.

She like "Rasa 2. Continue Celebration" Other players such as steering, ensuring that the chosen team to crack comedy simultaneously spent every minute.

Photo by Martynas Sirusas / Gabija Jaraminaitė

Photo by Martynas Sirusas / Gabija Jaraminaitė

"We try to stick to that speed, the festive mood, the female character in" scene, said Oneida Kunsunga.

The first part of the history of comedy (NO) STORY POSSIBLE (NO) to remind / Raso, surprisingly popular, surprises audiences with & # 39; open court & # 39; charming women about their lives and bought Funny fireworks in all towns of Lithuania. So the performance brought together a huge crowd & # 39; fans, on their request, the creative team has created the most to make laugh comedy "Raso 2! The feast continues!"

Actors komedy – The audience is known for TV shows, movies and various theatrical projects: Ausra Štukytė, Vitalija Mockevičiūtė, Gabija Jaraminaitė, Egle Mikulionytė, Oneida Kunsunga, Ramūnas Šimukauskas and Tada Grynas – promise unique emotions.

Martynas Sirusas / The theatrical comedy

Martynas Sirusas / The theatrical comedy "Raso 2. The festival continues!"

The next dates for the premiere are 10 & # 39; December. Kedainiai, 19 & # 39; December Radviliškis, 20 & # 39; December Šilutė, 26 & # 39; December Jurbarkas, 30 & # 39; December Kaunas and other Lithuanian cities. For more information visit and

The director is Ričardas Vitkaitis, the game is Ramūnas Šimukauskas author.

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