Thursday , September 16 2021

The reader captured a memorable image in the sky

“While walking down a street in the Swedish town of Ursviken this evening, I noticed a meteorite falling. It happened between 10 pm 07 min and 10 pm 09 min Swedish time. The flying meteorite burned and turned white. and very bright blue, as if illuminated by the lights of a landing plane that landed.In the sky also left itself a bright blue and whitish tail and a line of dust.As they approached the Earth, the size of the its light dimensions increased, and as they approached the Earth even closer, it formed a circle around the meteorite, ”says Mindaugas Velička in the letter.

The man had the impression that this strange image with a ring reminded him of a soap bubble that we probably all blew through straw when we were little.

“Such a visible and observable image interested all observing people,” says the reader.

With a request to comment on an unusual image addressed the astrophysicist researcher, the lead researcher of the Fundamental Research Division of the Center for Physical and Technological Sciences dr. Kastytis Zubov.

“It is possible that the observed phenomenon – the sphere around the meteor – was caused by the interaction of the meteor evaporating with the Earth’s magnetic field. When a heated meteor material becomes a plasma, electrons separate from the nuclei of The electrons are “trapped” by a magnetic field and stretched into a fairly wide room around the meteor, creating an area of ​​negative electric charge that begins to attract the surrounding protons, the protons split into Atmospheric molecules and cause them to glow.Formed as a tiny analogue of the Northern Lights, which can reach hundreds of meters in diameter.So the halo can look large, even if the meteor doesn’t come really very close to the Earth’s surface, but it evaporates completely above it, “says Dr. K.Zubov.

I take this opportunity he wants to make it clear that what the reader saw is not a meteorite, but a meteor – the glare of a meteoroid (a small solid revolving around a star) that has entered the planet’s atmosphere and its decay products. Meanwhile, the meteorite is a celestial body that has fallen to the surface of the Earth. In other words, a meteorite is what remains after a meteor, and a meteorite should be just what falls on the earth’s surface, not burning in the air.

Thank you Mr. M.Velička for an interesting photo and story, and we invite everyone to the portal readers to share captured interesting phenomena – you can send them to [email protected].

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