Thursday , September 16 2021

Microsoft’s first commercial Windows 11 contains the Master Blower that blows things up

Microsoft is today debuting its first advertising campaign for Windows 11. The 60-second TV commercial is set for “Everything Starts Now” from Odessa and features the new Microsoft Store, Master Chief from the world of ‘ Hello, Microsoft Teams, and more.

Explaining what brings a new version of Windows to consumers is never easy, and Microsoft has chosen a similar approach to its first Xbox Series X commercial. appears and explodes a Hello banshee out of the sky.

He appears the Chief Chief and flies a Halo banshee.
Image: Microsoft

It also features the new bloom default background in Windows 11, along with the integrated Microsoft Teams experience. Microsoft’s business focuses less on the features of Windows 11, and more on how the OS looks … beautiful. I think that’s mostly the point, though. Microsoft has spent a lot of time on design and visual tweaking in Windows 11, with the goal of simplifying its operating system. The tagline of this ad is “bring you closer to what you love”, presumably by removing some of the clutter that exists in Windows today.

Microsoft is now planning to launch Windows 11 on October 5, with new hardware from partners and even its own Surface hardware. Microsoft will be hosting a separate Surface event on Sept. 22, where we expect to see a new Surface Go 3, Surface Pro 8, Surface Pro X, and a new device like Surface Book just as ready for Windows 11.

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