Sunday , May 28 2023

Ingrid Coronado forgo the program Venga la Alegría


The conductive Ingrid Coronado He left the program & # 39; in the morning "Venga la Alegría" after more than a decade & # 39; driving conduct. B & # 39; surprising way, the news announced in the program sales.

As reported in the Azteca TV show, Ingrid resigned this morning arguing fatigue after nearly two decades & # 39; without interruption.

According to Mónica Castañeda, Ingrid Coronado it resigned because "she tired" because "lived for 19 years between her personal and professional matters and no longer relies, is therefore going to take the time to continue working later. Ingrid is an important part of & # 39; "Venga la Alegría '", added the presenter.

After the news became public, Ingrid shared on Instagram message & # 39; gratitude to TV Azteca and its relatives:

"This day I take the opportunity to give Thanks! Thanks to my children Emiliano, Paolo Luciano and to show the beauty and sweetness of & # 39; daily ?????? Thanks to my family Thanks to inħobbni so ? @azteca to my family for all these years to build successes together and give the opportunity of meeting & # 39; to the hearts of all people who have become my friends, allies and accomplices ⭐ ️ Thanks to my friends to rounds wealth of life ?? Thanks for teachers to accompany me to discover new talent ? Thanks to everyone who ħeġġeġni b & # 39; any way ? Thank God for challenging me and help me I better ?? day ", is divided on Instagram.

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