Thursday , September 16 2021

Mother and Dad, aged 37 and 38, die of COVID. She is pregnant. They leave 5 orphans

Davy and Daniel did not receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Both died of complications from the virus a few days apart.

Mexico City, September 14 (However) .– Daniel u Davy Macias had resisted leaving home and exposing themselves to virus. But they made a decision, says the chain CNN: not vaccinated because it was pregnant, something the authorities do not recommend.

And 18 months after so much caution, he fell ill with CVID-19. “They cleaned the surfaces, showered after work and even brought them groceries, but that didn’t stop them from contracting the virus,” he said. CNN. Davy Macías, delivery nurse from from California, I had seven months pregnant of his fifth son in early August when he was the hospital with COVID-19.

“Daniel Macías also contracted the virus. Doctors helped 37-year-old Davy Macias deliver early through a cesarean while she was intubated, but died before she could meet her baby. Daniel Macías, 38, was being treated at the same hospital when he learned of his daughter’s birth. The nurses showed him photos of the baby, before he also died of complications from the virus less than two weeks later, leaving the newborn girl without parents or a name, “he says. KVIA News.

Daniel and Davy Macías had four children. Five, a daughter, was born after both parents were hospitalized for COVID-19. When the hospital called to ask for the baby’s name, Terry Macías, the grandmother who now cares for the five children, told them: “I will wait for my son to name him.” It doesn’t have a name yet. For now, as the hospital did, the family calls her “Baby Girl”.

Davy and Daniel were not vaccinated and died on August 26 and September 9, respectively, and orphaned their children between the ages of three weeks and eight.

“Not that they didn’t want to be vaccinated, they planned it,” Grandma said. He insisted it was a personal choice and that everyone wanted to learn more about their safety before being vaccinated. Terry Macias, a recently retired kindergarten teacher, believes her son and daughter contracted the coronavirus after a recent family trip to an indoor water park as a last outing before returning to school.

Before he died of COVID, he asked his followers to be vaccinated. When she found out about his death, the grandmother had to tell her grandchildren. He said the eight-year-old and the five-year-old understood that their parents had ended up CNNBut she is not sure they understand that her parents never come back home.

The couple’s three-year-old daughter woke up on Thursday to tell him that she had dreamed that her father was coming home from the hospital, but later found out that her father had died. The girl burst into tears when she heard the news, and reminded her grandmother of her dream.

“I know, baby, but sometimes our dreams don’t come true,” Grandma told her.

The family is shocked by the sudden loss of Davy and Daniel Macías. “We didn’t see it coming,” Terry Macías said through tears.

“COVID does not discriminate. It’s a lottery and it can happen to anyone. “

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