Thursday , September 16 2021

journalist in turmoil following racist comment on Camavinga

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Stupidity still has a bright future ahead of it. RTVE, Spain’s public broadcaster, has announced the opening of an investigation after one of its journalists was convicted of a racist comment on Real Madrid’s new player Eduardo Camavinga.

Lorena Gonzalez thought her microphone was turned off when she said a racist sentence about the French Merengue Rookie: “This guy is darker than his dress, isn’t he?” “This escape was heard by viewers of the public station. In its press release, RTVE” apologized to the player and strongly condemned these derogatory comments. “The channel explained that” these “The comments were not respectful and did not have a place on television. We will take the appropriate measures.”

For her part, the journalist in question spoke on her Instagram account to apologize, while denying the accusations of racism: “Last Wednesday I made a comment for which I want to apologize. […] Although he is unhappy and thought the microphone was turned off, there is no racist or derogatory component to it. I am not a racist person. […] It’s a comparison I’ve made with any player, no matter what their skin color. “Excuses that are unlikely to convince many people.

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Spanish public television journalist Lorena Gonzalez has released a racist line about Merengue rookie Eduardo Camavinga. The channel announced that it had launched an investigation against him while the journalist apologized timidly, denying any racist comments.

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