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Facebook has chosen a delicate blackmail. But users do not want to give their consent for tracking

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IPhone owners with the latest version of iOS 14 installed may have recently been confused by the message they received. He showed that consent to activity tracking allows Facebook to remain a free service.

iOS 14. New feature to limit Facebook tracking and response

As reported, Facebook is not satisfied with the new feature introduced in iOS 14, which allows users of Apple-branded devices to significantly limit their tracking. They can choose if and what information they want to provide to the application. Authors are required to specify for what purposes and what specific data their software uses.

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Facebook had an idea how to persuade as many iPhone owners as possible to transfer their data. After launching the Facebook and Instagram applications, a pop-up was displayed on the screen, suggesting that their free use needs to track user consent.

This was reported, inter alia, by technology enthusiast Ashkan Soltani.

What benefits do users of both social networks have from this? Aside from personalized ads and satisfaction from the support of small businesses that, according to Facebook, use the information you download – absolutely nothing.

Users are eager to do so

According to a report by analytics company Flurry Analytics (owned by Verizon), which Benchmark quotes, only 5 percent gave their consent to track. than 2.5 million respondents in the United States, and 13 percent. among 5.3 million users surveyed from other countries of the world. Both numbers have remained the same since the release of the iOS 14.5 update. The result may indicate an increase in privacy awareness among Internet users.

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How do I turn off tracking in iOS 14.5?

We can use the Transparency feature of the App Tracking, which forces us to show information to the user for which purposes a specific application uses activity tracking. Tuning is not easy.

Here you can change the tracking settingsHere you can change the tracking settings Screen photo from settings in iOS 14

go to Settings, then select Privacy, then Tracking. Now all you have to do is switch “Allow applications to request traceability”and the change is confirmed by the green color on the switch next to it.

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