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The vaccination program would be blocked soon. We already have 1.7 million unused vaccines [WYWIAD]

Registration for vaccination of people born in 1962 begins on Monday, April 12. Every next day, people born in the following years, until the year of birth ’73, which will be registered on April 24, can register.

– But we have to be flexible. If it turns out that the number of people voting is so high that we are stopping deadlines, then we can suspend the vaccination process for a day or two – said Minister Michał Dworczyk, head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister during Thursday’s conference. He announced that next week the National Health Fund will provide information on new vaccination points created with the help of local governments, but at the same time stated that there is a lack of vaccination in Poland, not points.

ANITA KARWOWSKA: Minister Dworczyk says the vaccination program works at 40 percent because there is a shortage of vaccines. The Lord estimates that there are well over a million doses in reserve, and estimates that we should be vaccinated twice as fast as it is happening.

PROF. JACEK JAWORSKI, WSB University in Gdańsk: There is still a huge difference between the number of vaccines that have reached Poland and the number of preparations used. Currently, it is 1.7 million.

The official profile of the vaccination program on Twitter, Szczepimysia, said pilot solutions are being implemented regarding the work of vaccination centers and vaccination methods. Only now? This shows that the program was not fully prepared, even though we had more than half a year to do it. That’s why it goes slow.

From January, I repeat that the system should be based on cooperation with local government. Already in the autumn of last year, it should be collected how many and for which groups vaccinations will be required in a given locality, and the locations of vaccination points should be selected in proportion to the population.

And since the points are not distributed in this way, we have vaccine tourism, where seniors are sent to vaccinate several hundred kilometers from home.

Local governments have drawn up a plan, to create several mass vaccination points in Warsaw, which, according to the government, are not necessary.

– Local government officials submitted a proposal for cooperation to the government in the autumn nor was there any interest in such action. It surprised me that the ministers in office in Warsaw know better what the needs are, for example in Sierakowice.

Can vaccination be facilitated without the participation of local governments?

– You can, if you get involved in more clinics, pharmacies, etc. But it results in higher costs of the whole operation. After all, it would be more sensible to send vaccines to 300 points in Poland inoculate a thousand people a day than to bring them to 6.5 thousand. points, many of which vaccinate 30 people a week.

To my questions why not give these 1.7 million waiting vaccinations to patients, people from Minister Dworczyk answer that there are only 400,000 in the stores of the Government Agency for Strategic Reserves, the rest “traveling” between points, ie in the warehouses of carriers, wholesalers, in node hospitals.

Is it the real cause?

– I believe because there is no room for more in RARS stores. Therefore, it uses intermediaries, including private wholesalers with cold stores.

So quickly getting rid of vaccines from its stores, but getting them to so many points is difficult and usually delayed.

At 15 weeks of vaccination, only two weeks were when the vaccination rate was equal to the delivery rate. This best illustrates the ineffectiveness of a multi-point vaccination system.

In the second quarter, we will face several million shipments of vaccines.

– Which means that if no one improves it, the number of unused vaccines will increase.

I look forward to seeing what happens next week with 1.4 million doses delivered. That is, more than 3 million vaccines will be available. A horse with a row that can guarantee that we will be able to use them within a week or two, if the average vaccination rate in Poland is currently around 120,000. daily vaccinations.

The system becomes clogged.

– Exactly. By the end of March, 6 million vaccines had been administered. And now, according to Minister Dworczyk, 14 million vaccines are falling for the entire second quarter. Meanwhile, the planned deliveries at that time are about 28 million vaccines. This means that the government plans to use only half. So it is possible that by the end of June we will already have 15 million unused vaccines filled in warehouses across the country.

Since today there are not many vaccines per week, there are still those who receive only 30 doses, why can’t these deliveries to them be bigger today? Why are these vaccines waiting in wholesalers?

– This is a question I cannot answer. But I have put forward the thesis that the government is deliberately preventing the opening of mass vaccination points because it is not able to handle large-scale computer-based vaccinations. This is terrible, because with such points by the end of the second quarter, we were able to be vaccinated with at least one 60 percent dose. adult population.

How do you evaluate the vaccination schedule, i.e. choose which vaccination groups when?

– In my opinion, the list of priority groups was created only for the purpose of discussion. In practice, we vaccinate almost everyone, just a few. And we haven’t completed the vaccination of any group – neither seniors, nor teachers, and so on.

I was organizing it the other way around. I treat these guidelines as a directive for local staff to consider them, but also other aspects, such as the current epidemiological situation in a given region.

Since the beginning of the National Vaccination Program, I have been carefully analyzing its progress. Why vaccinations interested the financier?

– This is the first program since World War II whose importance is so great. Without it, we would not emerge from the pandemic. If I have learned anything in my life, I am analyzing the numbers and using them in management. Therefore, I can assess the effectiveness of the vaccination program and its importance for us Poles. And I’m talking about what my analysis shows in public, because I hope that thanks to this program it improves.

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