Tuesday , July 27 2021

BY THE LOVE OF TV reality? Last response & # 39; Rareş Bogdan. It Clar! Warning & # 39; news media

"Have received a call from Brasov DNA and I was invited to speak with the prosecutor understood that he was the boss there, do not remember exactly. I went with my car. I joined in DNA & # 39; Brasov for bad weather: snow, rain, leak. We entered, spoke to the prosecutor. He asked if I had anything x & # 39; can & # 39; to say. I said no, I'm civilized man: I ferħitu. The upright man, and I went and ferħitu. It was a few tens of & # 39; people in the restaurant. the prosecutor told me that I was and spoke with another defendant in the file, and are not allowed to meet. I replied that I also ferħitu. If I go anywhere, do not care about x & # 39; Are the connections between them, I greet each other. Għidtilha not submit any information and everything was good, "said Bogdan Rareş f & # 39; Realitatea TV.

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