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Three other people died from influenza. The number of deaths reached 23

The balance of people who died from the influenza virus has also increased on Monday – we have already registered 23 deaths.

This is a woman of 43 years of Prahova, 76 in one & # 39; Bucharest and other 51 from Gorj.

Details of the event

Woman 43 years old from County Prahova, Confirmed by virus influenza A, subtype H1 pdm09, existing medical conditions and history of the unknown vaccine.
Date of death: 19/01/2019

A woman of 76 years from BUCURESTI, Confirmed by virus influenza A, non-subsidized, conditions of flu that pre-existing, but not vaccinated.
Date of death: 01/18/2019

A woman of 51 years by Gorj, confirmed by virus influenza A, subtype (H1) pdm09, to conditions of anti-influenza pre-existing, but not vaccinated.
Date of death: 19/01/2019

The emergency rooms in hospital emergency were filled with people on weekends.

In Matei Bals Hospital in the Capital, for example, hundreds of patients, minor or adult, waited b & # 39; hours to see doctors.

The man in & # 39; Galati, who was caught by the flu, was already in the treatment of & # 39; & # 39 physicians, chronic respiratory disorders. The influenza virus Type A worsened her condition and body weakened succeeded. Authorities say the victims have in common flu – have not been vaccinated.

Here's what shows the Guard House of Matei Bals Infectious Disease Institute in the capital, where it was necessary to be supplemented by staff. Medical sources say that over the last two days, there were 1500 patients with & # 39; & # 39 symptoms, flu or cold.

Doctors say that the number of patients is not so great if people know how to differentiate between cold and flu.

"The influence begins with & # 39; muscle aches, fever, chills, pain rare."

And in Timisoara Emergency Hospital, the number of patients has tripled over the weekend.

If you have flu and kkonsultajt with your doctor, try to protect others and stay home.

President of the Romanian Society of Microbiology: We virus circulation of influenza type A – H1N1 and H3N2

President of the Romanian Society of Microbiology, Alexandru Rafila, Said on Monday Agerpres currently circulating in Romania, viruses & # 39; influenza A – H1N1 and H3N2, the most disease and, b & # 39; in particular, related deaths with & # 39; AH1N1 infection.

"We currently have nearly circulation & # 39; AH1N1 H3N2 viruses and, more disease and, more importantly, deaths have been associated with & # 39; infection & # 39; AH1N1. It's like a virus that circulating in 2009, when there was a pandemic of influenza, "said Rafila.

He noted that the epidemic is declared when there are three consecutive weeks of significant growth of flu, more than 20% more than the expected number.

"The epidemic is declared when there are three consecutive weeks & # 39; significant growth, more than 20% of the expected number of & # 39; cases and what needs to be added – we are practically at & # 39; very close situation & # 39; type & # 39; epidemic in the samples sent for diagnosis of patients with suspected influenza are more than positive 10%, we basically jumped 50% in the previous week. If this trend continues and likely to continue we can see an epidemic of influenza F & # 39; country, with nistqgħux precisely this moment, but as soon as being influence evolves this year, will probably have a few weeks b & # 39; very high number a & # 39; respiratory virus diseases in & # 39; country. in general, and cases of the flu in particular, but it must also be correlated with the possibility of more vaccine, "said a Rafil.

According to him, the European Center for Disease Control has made a few days ago recommendation, and indicated that vaccination can & # 39; continue for two to three weeks, because they still can & # 39; provides protection, even by appearance & # 39; protective antibodies have a long & # 39; about two weeks.

"Practically, until mid-February, we continue vaccination, but one thing everyone wants to know – the effectiveness of the vaccine decreases as departure from the best period, generally foregoing season & # 39; the flu, "ie, the months & # 39; October, November, even the first half & # 39; December, "explained the specialist.

Measures disease should be taken to limit including home insulation, wearing masks, hand washing, using & # 39; handkerchiefs disposable after use.

"The first measure is the insulation of the house and more severe cases & # 39; infected people in the hospital, regardless of the fact that we are talking about the flu or think it is another respiratory VIROSS. Please ignore are etiological diagnosis is made in all cases & # 39; is not done anywhere in the world, but it is important to be isolated at home. If there is a need for people displaced respiratory viral infection, then it is good to short life, avoid possible perhaps the use of & # 39; handkerchiefs and use of & # 39; mask is a good measure of & # 39; protection and to protect yourself individually to protect others in spreading & # 39; handkerchiefs disposable disposal. respiratory viruses, especially influenza, "said the doctor.

He said that at the regional level is medium to high circulation of influenza virus, and in Western Europe there are also countries with & # 39; increased number of & # 39; cases than in Romania compared to the population .

"We find ourselves in & # 39; area & # 39; average intensity of virus circulation & # 39; influence, but expect them to grow in the coming period." We see x & # 39; happens after the report to be made for the time that schools have already started, as I said, the collective are the first to shed viral infection. The epidemiological traġġ in school is more important, children with & # 39; respiratory sent home, "said Alexandru Rafila.

He pointed out that the flu is not treated with antibiotics. "Treatment & # 39; influence is either symptomatic, or in & # 39; most serious cases, medium or severe, you & # 39; increased antiviral drug, indicating that should only be on the recommendation of & # 39; a doctor because it is medicine that can & # 39; also side effects and then things must be properly evaluated by the family physician or infectious disease specialist, "explained microbiologist.

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