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TRAINING & # 39; SORPRESS for Simona Halep: Who took place & # 39; Darren Cahill – News from sources


Simona Halep (27 years, 1 WTA) has returned to training after refection and holiday after the end of the season, and Florin Segărceanu held its first session & # 39; training.

The captain of the Romania team of Fed Cup Revenue agreed to give blows to & # 39; with during this period, writes

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Immediately after it was separated from the Australian Darren Cahill, Simona is again, in search of & # 39; coach of the names to keep the level shown in 2018. But the world leader not in a hurry to take a decision, it has already announced will go alone for the first tournaments in 2019, and this situation led to the temporary appearance & # 39; Florin Segărceanu in player personnel f & # 39; Constanta.

As a tennis player, if a major player like Halep, can not & # 39; train alone, without advice & # 39; experienced man, Simona decided to resort to human services for the time being lead the Fed Cup team of Romania. Therefore, Segărceanu accompanied the best player in the world for the session & # 39; training on Wednesday, and is likely to coach b & # 39; experience will become his counselor and even the coach until Simona and his staff flooded the palm b & # 39; teknikal to hire full-time.

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As a matter of & # 39; actually, Florin Segărceanu was among the first to talk about the situation & # 39; Simone after sharing & # 39; Darren Cahill: "This is a difficult question, you know, with my people do it, but not easy. Need younger people and more dynamic. I like the position of & # 39; master in -Tazza Fed and obviously, as għedtilna, while I have it in the country ", said the former tennismen, two weeks.

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