Wednesday , July 28 2021

Carlos Ghosn promised to hand over passports for reasons of release with bail Society :: :: RBC

The arrested former chief of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, has offered to place its shares, through passports and wear electronic tracking braċċel to release bail. It is reported by Reuters, citing its representative.

According to him, Gon is willing to offer a large amount of bail to be released and allowed to live in & # 39; Tokyo apartment rented by his family. Gon himself said in a statement he was detained for more than 60 days. "I want to emphasize that it will live in Japan and I look all the conditions of release on bail, the court considers justified", he said. According to Bloomberg, Jonah has a French passport, Lebanese and Brazilians.

F & # 39; mid-January, the District Court & # 39; Tokyo rejected a request by attorneys & # 39; Gon bail for his release. The protection of top former manager Nissan appealed against this decision.

The wife of the former head of Nissan complained about mistreatment of her husband in prison

On 11 January, the Office of the Tokyo prosecutor brought charges against two new Gon. According to prosecutors, he caused damage to Nissan in the amount of & # 39; about $ 17 million, since he wrote a new personal losses from foreign exchange contracts. He was also charged with income underestimation from 2015 to 2017. F & # 39; December 2018, Jonah was accused violated financial laws because of hiding income.

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