Saturday , June 25 2022

Expert informed as to buy Lost Land Cruiser: AutoMedia: VladTime


The car expert Maxim Shelkov explained protect yourself from buying a Toyota Land Cruiser 200 in the kidnapping. Moreover, in his review, he showed how to steal Japanese SUV.

Favorite way for intruders is to use a keychain sign keychain car key. To do this, they come to the door & # 39; the driver's apartment and, with the help of & # 39; special device, "extend" the main signal going to the car. At the same time, a second hijacker approaching "Kruzak" on the street, including its equipment, to exchange data between the key in the apartment and lock off-road vehicle: the standard alarm is unarmed, the engine starts,

The expert noted that in & # 39; modern realities, the LC 200 is one of the most models deprived in Russia, and rarely resold for parts, because the vast majority of & # 39; SUVs out into the secondary market. The risk to enter a & # 39; & # 39 car with; move past "criminal" is extremely high, and can & # 39; to mxaqqaq or by & # 39; expert verification or by & # 39; comprehensive inspection. Awtoexpert said as buying stolen "Kruzak" on the secondary.

First of all, you need to verify the authenticity of the TCP. It is better that this is the original document, not a copy, whatever the reason for its loss or damage, the seller is not called. If it & # 39; the latter must provide the original passport of the vehicle, which offers jħaresha on the phone or says it will produce it when they deal – a & # 39; worth considering if you choose to buy a car from another person. It also follows if it is not possible to "put" in car & # 39; serious federal basis, at least to check the body of the VIN number on the police website traffic, which, among other things, can & # 39; find the actual number of car owners.

Finally, the expert is always recommended, in any situation, trying to be as & # 39; be careful: "Be careful! Check first the body VIN numbers and the machine. Also, if drawn the PTS to Kruzak is black b & # 39; gasoline engine, and we do have silver b & # 39; diesel engine – a & # 39; who understand that trying to fool you and push the car problem! "


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