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5G: New Zealand denies banned because Huawei is Chinese


Wellington, 29 & # 39; November 2018 (AFP) – New Zealand denied on Thursday that Chinese citizenship & # 39; Huawei is why it banned the use of the equipment group to develop its 5G network, and quite citing technological problems.

Wellington also denied allegations that its secret services were forced by members of the so-called alliance & # 39; "Five Eye" – which also includes services & # 39; Australian intelligence, British, American and Canadian – to prohibit Huawei scared because & # 39; on the links between the group and the Chinese government.

"It's not about the country, or on the company, it is about technology being offered," New Zealand Minister of Justice Andrew Little, supervising, told the national radio and Security Office Government communications (GCSB).

"No advice was transmitted to the GCSB from Australia, the United States or others, the decisions you want to do."

The largest operator & # 39; & # 39 telecommunications; New Zealand, Spark, said on Wednesday that the security services of New Zealand have been banned from using the devices & # 39; Huawei to expand 5G network by quoting "significant risk to national security" .

The announcement came after reports & # 39; Daily news from the US Wall Street Journal on the launch of & # 39; Allied Washington to discourage companies from using the 5G equipment & # 39; Huawei fear & # 39; giving Beijing access to sensitive information.

F & # 39; Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Geng Shuang, Wednesday expressed "deep concern" after the ban.

"The Chinese government encourages Chinese companies to follow market principles and international regulations and to develop economic partnerships abroad to respect local laws", said the spokesman, noting that "partnerships economic and trade between China and New Zealand bring mutual benefits. "

F & # 39; August, the Australia previously announced that Huawei and ZTE, giant another Chinese telecom, be excluded from the deployment of 5G network on its soil, b & # 39; Canberra said that companies related to foreigners are & # 39; security risk.

China is the largest trading partner & # 39; New Zealand.

The 5G networks increase access to mobile and ultrafast internet and connect a number of & # 39; & # 39 items; day.

Huawei, whose founder Ren Zhengfei is a former Chinese army engineer, has always ensured its independence and said he never used his equipment to shoot or sabotage communications in countries where they are deployed.

Mr. Little refused to give details about "risks" mentioned by Spark, saying only that there was a "risk associated with the use of technology", whose details are secret.

"We know that telecommunication networks, like other infrastructure, are vulnerable to incursions, and the like cyber attacks worldwide", he said.

"So we want to make sure that everything is done to protect our country from these risks."

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