Monday , September 26 2022

All those times where SpongeBob understood better life than we


There are other unfortunate news. Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of the favorite cardboard & # 39; a 2000s kidz become addicts, sir SpongeBob, Died b & # 39; 57 years. The opportunity to get & # 39; back to these times where our character was wonderful yellow step & # 39; over us. THE SPONGE BOB SQUARE!

NB: You never a fan of the famous cartoon as a little sister. She talked for literally 24 hours ceasing broadcast on Teletoon.

M & # 39; & # 39 are needed; sex

Launched in 1999, this cardboard & # 39; new genre (should it?) Jirritta the conservative and conservative American law by deferring principal asexual character or at least the ambiguous type. Stephen, the creator, not stennax until 2018 and the current debates on gender to bringing fictional character, destined for children, in addition, non-defined genre. Bravo!

M & # 39; there is no point in running, you should start

Before Bob created, its creator was a professor of biology and marine enthusiast of the great ocean. Probably more underwater than Range Rover, Stephen seems to have a slight problem before the driver's license. Well, he made it through to his hero 48 times. FIVE BY forty. It just decide on the increase of fuel, not ?

SpongeBob positivity = & # 39; three thousand

On more but the inhabitants of Bikini Bottom to continuing to live near dolce vita even if they are all victims & # 39; nuclear tests? Right now your double date tonight sorprendibbli seems more boring, huh?

Adios Stephen
and thank you for everything <3

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