Tuesday , March 28 2023

Chinese phone Huawei accused espija


Every morning, Nicolas Barré take into account & # 39; current economic issue.

We nipprojbixxu to Huawei, the Chinese manufacturer & # 39; smartphones and telecommunications equipment? The United States and France are pushing for thinking.

For one simple reason: Huawei is suspected to be in espionjar & # 39; the Chinese authorities name. And what preoccupies the Western countries with the arrival of & # 39; 5G Huawei is taking the opportunity to infiltrate into the heart of the communication networks. The United States and Australia banned Huawei to build a 5G networks. And now Washington is trying to persuade its allies: Germany, Japan, etc. to do the same. France is also suspicious of Chinese: Huawei 4G removed from f & # 39; No de France, which are places of power and the headquarters of the most sensitive companies. With the change to 5G, non & # 39; trust is even greater though not proven – perhaps not – that Huawei spy stable components in its devices.

We should also be careful of its smartphone?

Yes and all the applications that are installed on it. For example, if you use WeChat Chinese application, know that you & # 39; copy all your data, your contacts, your photos, your messages on its servers placed in China, and always know where you are. You will say it is the same with & # 39; American apps. Yes, except that WeChat, a Chinese company, shall keep such data available to the Chinese authorities: it is written in black and white under the conditions of service. M & # 39; have a choice. In short, we are already end up with & # 39; permanently and f & # 39; in this case we are experiencing for the benefit of & # 39; police state. So the alarm by US authorities: what & # 39; worry to Huawei or ZTE, the other leading Chinese provider of telecommunications equipment, is that the capabilities of & # 39; espionage infiltrate the core network. If the Americans, not the last to shoot b & # 39; this way, look out, it's because the threat is real.

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