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CINEMA – Ceremony of Official Opening & # 39; Recidak: The Bad Film by Mahammed boun Abdallah Dionne


The ceremony of official opening of Cinématographiques Rencontres Internationale de Dakar (Recidak) held on Friday at the Grand Théâtre was characterized by the absence of the Prime Minister Abdallah Mahammed boun Dionne. The latter, which was expected to chair these meetings, missed the world of culture, after almost 2 hours & # 39; waiting, decided to make its citizens cinema without the head of government.

For the ceremony was to start at 18: 00, the public who attended last Friday at the official opening of Recidak wait until 19:40 to see the first film actors & # 39; these meetings scroll on stage. Nearly 2 ticks & # 39; clock waiting for the Prime Minister Abdallah Mahammed boun Dionne which, though announced in the casting as the president & # 39; The ceremony, at the end not to participate in the film began a course on the history of cinema. Assisted by the music, the dancers and some images, the choreographer Jean Tamba managed in a few minutes his tour of world cinema. And in & # 39; this one, old movies (westerns), classics, Bollywood, Senegalese (Mandate with & # 39; Ousmane Sembène, special jury prize at the Biennale & # 39; 1968 Venice), all occupied their place. Similarly, large icons Senegalese and African cinema had their place in & # 39; that the official ceremony was an opportunity to give tribute to them.
The philosopher and former director of the Moroccan Film Center Noureddine Sail which, moreover, gave the inaugural lecture & # 39; these Recidak received the warm tributes of the Minister of Culture, in the same way as costume designer and fashion designer, Oumy Sy, and Annette Mbaye D & # 39; Erneville, who was at the origin of Recidak. The cinema mother, still known by the nickname "Mother With", talking through & # 39; her son Ousmane William Mbaye, expressed his pride to see the Recidak exists and remains & # 39; exists. It also marked her desire to see the first eight editions digitized to make them more accessible to the public.
For his part, the Minister of Culture paid tribute to this woman. He also took stock of & # 39; Fopica and stressed the importance of culture and the Recidak. "The Recidaks are essential assets for cinema development Senegalese, a great opportunity for relationships & # 39; exchange and sharing of & # 39; cinemas world and Africa", he said, sure that this meeting will help restore cinema & # 39; back into the heart & # 39; cultural activities & # 39; Dakar and will be an opportunity to encourage young people to love cinema, a true film education … The president of the organizing committee, Maguèye KASSE, preceding the minister in podium, also stressed the importance of films and movies to country. The importance of the public of the Dakar does not seem to give to the cinema. Dakar is still captured by the film fever. At the official opening of Recidak, the Grand Theater was packed as expected. Only the filmmakers responded to the call. And if the failure of the Prime Minister is not confused susceptibility & # 39; some who were present, others like Dean Ben Diogaye Beye saw no harm. "If the Prime Minister is there or not, whether the public responds or not, does not matter! The conclusion is that cinema is still making cinema," he said.
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