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Elections & # 39; Fecafoot: Antoine Bell receives support from Roger Milla and glory & # 39; before


The former warden of Indomabbli the spotlight Cameroon, Joseph Antoine Bell (JAB), had on Sunday 25 & # 39; November 2018 press conference in Djeuga Hotel & # 39; Yaounde to announce his candidacy for the election of the President of the Football Federation of Cameroon (Fecafoot). F & # 39; this occasion, had the support of the itinerant ambassador, Albert Roger Milla, former teammates and selection.

Joseph Antoine Bell (JAB) was before the press, Sunday 25 & # 39; November 2018, at the Hotel Djeuga Yaounde to present his project called "Return to football" short "Refound, federate and modernizes ". This project includes several articles including football development, lifelong learning, the ethyl league and national selections, modernizing management, infrastructure …

"Me Dieudonné Happ did a good job, but this is perfezzjonabbli", said Joseph Antoine Bell talking about committee & # 39; standardization & # 39; FECAFOOT. The Federation of Cameroon Football weakened by endless crisis committee puts under & # 39; standardization for 5 years.

This is the third time that Joseph Antoine Belle run for president Fécafoot. This time, a significant support. As evidence, was surrounded on Sunday, his former teammates in selecting including itinerant Ambassador, Roger Milla, omam Biyick, Jean Claude Pagal, Jules Denis Onana … and his campaign manager is Ekeke none other than Eugene.

It was in 1996 that started the race for the presidency of & # 39; FECAFOOT. After attempts failed, Joseph Antoine Bell was never discouraged. Former Union guardian & # 39; Douala (Cameroon), the Africa Sports (Ivory Coast), Arab Contractors (Egypt), Bordeaux, Saint Etienne and Marseille (France), with the decline no occasion to discriminate its country.

This third attempt will be that right? Let's wait to see.

Adolphe Angoua

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