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Keep well … These are the conditions to qualify for Paris


Thomas Tuchel Einstein makes his calculations on the last day of the Champions League. – Francois Mori / AP / SIPA / Editing

  • The PSG beat Liverpool in the Cup Day 5 of the Champions League.
  • The Paris, now second in the group, have their destiny in hand to qualify on the last day.
  • But if Liverpool beats to attract and Naples, there will be three teams tied for points to be decided.

"The take-PSG through, say." But no, because it is contrary to special purposes. "" Oh yeah, wait, what were the scores already? "For once, the Wednesday night, we do not nidħux while they waited to see the players land in the mixed zone. Not that arrived more quickly than usual, only 45 minutes & # 39; debate between colleagues, was not much to be sure and certain scores to send to Paris in stages & # 39; elimination & # 39;
Champions League or eliminate it.

We note that we will try to b & # 39; clearly, starting with the base. After the victory & # 39; Paris at Liverpool and Napoli at home against Etoile Rouge, this is the classification of Group C.

Group C classification before the last day.
Group C classification before the last day. – UEFA

Thus, the Paris have their destiny in & # 39; hands, as it requires the consecrated expression. The victory in & # 39; Belgrade in two weeks, and qualification is in the pocket. Same thing if Liverpool do not tegħlebx in Naples & # 39; Anfield, obviously. It is the case of & # 39; victory & # 39; Liverpool and pull PSG that the case is very complicated.

Naples, Liverpool and PSG then be linked by & # 39; 9 points. This is what I tell the UEFA regulations.

d. two teams stay in top five outings & # 39; chifoumi.
d. two teams stay in top five outings & # 39; chifoumi. – UEFA

The results against Estrella Green no longer apply, and everything will have direct confrontations. Liverpool is leading b & # 39; six points (win against PSG in the first section and cons in Naples & # 39; the latter days), and leaving two in & # 39; five points. The French and Italian then be separated from the objectives (point B). What PSG will not go, b is zero & # 39; seven & # 39; for seven goals & # 39; goals against.

Naples, in turn, can not do better than zero goal difference, since currently +1 (scored 4 goals, 3 admitted) and at all cost only & # 39; & # 39 case; defeat. If the Italians lose b & # 39; at least two different goals, the PSG is qualified. Same thing if losing 0-1, 1-2 and 2-3, since priority is given to the team with the best attack (point C).

Finally, victory & # 39; & # 39 only by Naples; view & # 39; difference b & # 39; at least three goals scored (3-4, 4-5, 11-12, all) will have the effect of eliminating the PSG. It is still not good. The hike in Serbia therefore what & # 39; Paris is likely to be enough. "We will be going to Belgrade to win. We can naffordjaw to recalculate", says Bernat January. More limpid like that, actually.

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