Tuesday , June 28 2022

Liverpool FC: where and how to watch the game?


Paris Saint-Germain is almost obliged to win at Parc des Princes against Liverpool to secure a place in stages & # 39; elimination of the Champions League. B & # 39; five points on the clock, the team & # 39; Paris is not to imagine three points depend on the outcome of the match between Napoli (6 points) and Belgrade (4 points). You are not one of the lucky people who will be able to watch the game in the stadium tomorrow? Here you how to live in the home event (legally).

RMC Sport, belonging to SFR, now is the sole broadcaster of the Champions League in France. The channels are still accessible to everyone, whatever the operator. The subscription & # 39; RMC Sport costs € 9.99 per month for SFR customers, and € 19.99 per month or not. Both formulas are without commitment.

>>> See all the offers & # 39; subscription RMC Sport

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See PSG – Liverpool live streaming on his smartphone

To see the game "streaming" on your smartphone, it is very simple, just install the application RMC Sport for iOS or Android and connect with her credentials.

>> Get the RMC Sport for iPhone and iPad
>> Download for Android RMC Sport

See PSG – Liverpool live streaming on its TV

You subscribe SFR? It's very simple: RMC Sport 1 is among the channels available from your TV box. Until subscribe to course selection.

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Are you a subscriber in & # 39; another operator? Several solutions are available for you to watch PSG – Liverpool:

On TV connected. If you bought a Samsung Connected TV between 2015 and this year, then there is a good chance that gives you access to dedicated app version of RMC Sport. Launch & # 39; search in store & # 39; Samsung, install the application, and then joined, and off you go. You AndroidTV TV? There is also a version of the app you quickly find RMC Sport in PlayStore.

M & # 39; have a TV connected? Connect one of the three options HDMI to your TV:

– the ConnectTV box & # 39; SFR, under Android TV, and incorporating the app RMC Sport.

– Android TV box, and install the app RMC Sport

– Apple TV box, which also TVOS version of the application.

You Television b & # 39; Chromecast-enabled? Install the application on your smartphone Sport RMC and make sure you connect the TV and smartphone with & # 39; the same Wi-Fi network. cast going from app.

See PSG – Liverpool streaming live on his computer

M & # 39; have TV or smartphone below the elbow? Go rmcsport.tv website, log on with your credentials, then start broadcasting the meeting!

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