Tuesday , March 28 2023

Netflix is ​​wearing Cowboy Bebop f & # 39; series


After sui Neon Evangelion, Netflix has just announced the creation of & # 39; new series based on Japanese animated: cowboy Bebop, Released in 1988 and so appreciated by the fans. they are 10 episodes planned. They will be co-produced by Studios Tomorrow, also ikkoprodott the Aquarius series for NBC and TNT Good Behavior in the United States.

Was announced any release date, but Netflix describes the series as "history & # 39; group & # 39; jockeys filled seek to escape their past while pursuing criminals with most dangerous in the universe, jazz. " The jazz music is an important part, The 26 episode anime music & # 39; origin was composed by Yoko Kanno.

To accomplish this project, chose Netflix Andre Nemec and Josh Appelbaum Coordinators Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Pinknet and Jeff and Scott Rosenberg, Co-authors & # 39; Venom and last Jumanji. The first episode is written by Christopher Yost, author & # 39; the last two movies Thor. The director & # 39; the original anime is Shinichiro Watanabe consult about this new project.

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