Thursday , October 6 2022

Princess Astrid of Belgium in & # 39; Berrechid for the inauguration of & # 39; photovoltaic park


The Princess Astrid of Belgium, representative of King of the Belgians, chaired Wednesday in & # 39; Berrechid, the ceremony of inauguration of & # 39; big photovoltaic park & ​​# 39; 4010 panels on the roof of the Silver Food Factory, a leader on the Moroccan market in the fish fisheries sector, part of his garden and adjoining land.

During this occasion, Nabila Hanane, Marketing Manager & # 39; Silver Food, said the group decided to switch to renewable energy as part of the implementation of its social responsibility, and adds that it is aware of the importance control its environmental impact and diversify its sources of electricity supply.

It also pointed out that the solar park will generate a total power of & # 39; 1061 kWp, to cover f & # 39; Short-term 40% of the energy needs of the plant, and added that the park is only the first in a long list of & # 39; environmental and social commitments to the Silver Food plans to deliver to its community and its people and, in & # 39; & # 39 ;, broader sense sustainable development.

Silver Food, which has a turnover exceeding DH 464 million, 40% of which are generated in the local market, chose the Energy Vision Group, for its ability to provide financial facilities & # 39; over 6 years , warranty on the performance of the system.

The industry usually intense energy, and electricity cost was on a curve increasing for the past 10 years, which is why complementary solutions & # 39; green power supply enable Silver Food change model of its consumption. energy, to better preserve its immediate environment and to reduce the impact of its energy bill ", said Ms Hanane.

Minister of Energy, Mining and Sustainable Development Aziz Rabbah said that "today, the country is in the energy transition path", and stressed that investment opportunities are currently estimated at more than $ 40 billion by 2030, including ¾ for renewable energies.

Mr Rabbah also recalled that his instructions King Mohammed VI at the first meeting & # 39; November 2018 to review our objectives in the development of renewable energy, biomass and exemplary energy . state.

also participating in & # 39; the ceremony were the Minister-President of Flanders Geert Bourgeois and Secretary of State for Fisheries Maritime Mbarka Bouaida.

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