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Quinte of the Week 30/11: J M B in a safe haven …


Quinte of the Week 30/11: J M B in a safe haven …

Before last night in the night of the year on Friday 30 & # 39; November in & # 39; Paris-Vincennes in Pomona Award (horses & # 39; 5 years, which has not been awarded € 80,000). Disputed over the 2850 meters of the small track (2nd race in 20:15), this test & # 39; very modest quality promised big surprises. F & # 39; these conditions, the "boss", Jean-Michel Bazire, remains & # 39; & # 39 spot; Rescue for betting. Moreover, Diam de Bassière (14), which he will lead, detects excellent commitment.

Indeed, located in the earnings ceiling, Diamonds & # 39; Bassière (14), The protege of & # 39; Philippe Bazire, it seems
can & # 39; dictates its law. 9 & # 39; in November, during the day, he
long illusion made for victory, declined slightly. this is
perhaps partial discount, especially since he has already won on this route.

Winner on the course year ago (b & # 39; five successes on
counter, is the most titled lot), fate
a & # 39; Haufor (16- Ch.J.Bigeon)
konvintx not really for his return (5
November) but it was not in the mode "pedigree". This time, we
defer and her latest work fully assured Christian BIGEON … On the basis of & # 39; this information, we'll give him a very great credit, even if it & # 39; has
miss that …

To beat, of course, Diamond
Charm (3 J Ph.Dubois)
restarting & # 39; was disqualified last shot at & # 39; Laval.
With it, is often all or nothing! Sage, this powerful trot worth
day like a lot but, it will be? Nothing is less certain. blow

On the same "line", pay attention to Do Salluste (6 Flagadeuc) who has
happy inherited victory that day but that does not mean devices. bright
within two years, before moving from & # 39; health problems, returning well and without
no doubt in his earnings. Transformed as he runs barefoot, this is a
competitor remember very expensive.

obviously, Drexel
(8- M.Abrivard)
did not help his talent at the end of & # 39; & # 39 in November, Angers. race
that, however, ppermettitlu get in & # 39; condition for interesting involvement.
It will also be deferré this time. Note that he already won in & # 39; Vincennes,
with Matthieu Abrivard accurate. This, no doubt, seductive outsider.

That unloaded Friday night, Darwin Star (12 D.Locqueneux) must show completely different
face. This is the useful horse should please the small track and provides a
good performance. In – our opinion, it will be difficult to win but, for –
accesses, he has his say.

our advice

Reduced field for Multi 6: 14-16-3-6-8 X / 12-10-4-11

The writing,
28.11.2018 13:07:00 CET

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