Sunday , April 2 2023

Slaughter & # 39; M. Fatoumata Ndiaye: Audio reveal the identity of sponsors •


The case of the murder of & # 39; former Vice President of the Economic, Social and Environmental (CESE), Fatoumata Ndiaye Matar, not completed disclose all its secrets. According to Les Echos, the family of the deceased has audio explosive which alleged killer Samba Sow shows the names of sponsors. From his prison cell in & # 39; Royeuss, Sow was able to join & # 39; Bineta Ndiaye, and Bobo, who is the younger sister of the deceased. We nirriproduċu content & # 39; the telephone interview & # 39; Les Echos.

"Hello! Boolo, is Bathie me."

"X & # 39; is Bathie!"

"Samba Sow, I just want to say it … and marabout to delete mother (Fatoumata Ndiaye Matar). They had him milk drinks and asked to meet the marabout question at the Texaco gas station. This has two (?) to mature their plan. I have always refused to do it. I had even expel from my house because of the categorical refusal to execute the mother. I ask you to go and ask the two ladies in charge to April , one of which still hold my wedding money (400,000 francs and maybe they will tell you everything about what really happened, so that day and the name of the marabout question, account time before the account office judge b & # 39; one of them, and it rejected the facts, I would like to maintain proof and everything will be approved. "

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