Thursday , June 30 2022

The "African period" of & # 39; Mohammed Kacimi exhibit at & # 39; Mucem de Marseille


The exhibition is devoted to "African" period of & # 39; Mohammed Kacimi (1942-2003), the APOGEO his work, watched breaking with Western art and the different aesthetic trends during influwenzawh his career, to open a new and more personal way, characterized by unrestricted expression, free, and more disciplinary.

By & # 39; & # 39 selection; exemplary works and significant documents & # 39; archive (325 work done by painters, sculptors but also & # 39; archival manuscripts, texts, drawings, photos, videos), this exhibition shows the determining role of & # 39; , True smuggling allowed new generations & # 39; artists from the Arab world to take a new step towards contemporaneity, fed by its own cultural roots: "African transition".

Kacimi Mohammed is one of the most important Moroccan visual artists of the period & # 39; after the war. innovative and committed artist, instigator and prime globalization witness & # 39; art contemporary Arab, strongly influenced the evolution of the artistic scene of his country, and served as a model for many young Maghreb artists recognized today internationally.

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