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The aim is to provide services & # 39; quality cost-effective and reliable customers • * Mali


The telecommunications company & # 39; Mali (Sotelma), the incumbent of the country and a subsidiary of Telecom Maroc Group, launched its 4G network in & # 39; Mali on Tuesday 27 & # 39; November.

It was thanks to a ceremony organized at Hotel de l & # 39; amitie, chaired by the Minister of Economy and Digital Communication, Arouna Modibo Toure. in the presence of the Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister, Mrs Zamilatou Sidibe Cisse, President of CNPM, Sinssi Mamadou Coulibaly, company officials and many other guests.

In the speech of its opening, the CEO & # 39; Malitel Adel Aziz Biddine stressed the importance of the steps taken by his company: "The launch of 4G of & # 39; Malitel following a strategy overall to improve our services to meet the needs of our customers. our goal, in the design of the launch stage, was to offer the best quality of service and expanding 4G, not only in & # 39; Bamako, but also in & # 39; other regions, and we we are proud of the results and you see for yourself in the coming days. "

According to the boss & # 39; Malitel, the award & # 39; this technological jewel is part of a global vision & # 39; continuous improvement, materialized by huge investments, technically, financially and commercially. "The best example is our 4G, which not only depend on equipment connected to the optical fiber for quality & # 39; transmission unparalleled, but also benefit from the bandwidth of broadband Internet that we have been growing to allow flow to the expectations of our demanding clientele. "for Abdel Aziz Biddine, 4G will strengthen catalog & # 39; offerings and extended services for all customer categories. All things that match societal vision: that always offer more and better offers, look to the future and consider carefully the mountain to climb tomorrow.

"As a key player in the economy & # 39; Mali, our vision is sustainable and our efforts are sincere to deliver the best delivery, reduced the digital divide and maximize our network. Our actions are part of the continuity and our approach is of course voluntary. Indicate the managing director & # 39; Malitel.

He took the opportunity to express gratitude and thanks & # 39; Malitel authorities b & # 39; in particular, the Ministry of Supervision and the Ministry of Finance.

After him, the Minister of Economy and Digital Communication was happy with the quality of work done by the company's managers. Before reminding the objectives and priorities of the government.

According to the Minister Touré, the regulatory text, in addition to the extension of the license & # 39; Sotelma for 4G, establishing obligations & # 39; 4G coverage as well as those relating to quality of service. "The government has decided to give the 4G license to Sotelma with a view & # 39; fairness and competition b & # 39; robust in the national telecommunications market. M & # 39; there should be a difference between us in the capital and those in more remote areas. the phone should be available to everyone today. they are, according to the Minister Touré, the objectives of the President of the Republic: country coverage and quality of service. that is why it will say that the award & # 39; that 4G will achieve these goals by allowing Malitel offers & # 39; quality cost-effective and reliable services to consumers.

Recall that the grant was ratified on 19 & # 39; July 2017 during the ordinary session of the Council of Ministers chaired by Idrissa Abdoulaye MAIGA, then Prime Minister to reveal the cost of & # 39; this license & # 39; 100 billion CFA francs.

Mohamed Naman Keita

Source: 22 & # 39; September

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